Alliancecrest small Ewyllyn Gentlespring
Title(s) Mage
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Age In her early thirties
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Dalaran; The Alliance
Occupation Mage in service of the Kirin Tor
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jonathan Gentlespring (status unknown)


Ewyllyn Gentlespring.

Nickname: Ewy.

Physical TraitsEdit

Red hair, grey-blue eyes, a slight roundish nose. Her face common, though the nose looks a tad misplaced.

Race and ClassEdit





A Mage affiliated with the Magi of Dalaran, and has ties to Theramore Isle. Word goes that she was dismissed on an indefinite period of time at the latter location.

Currently in the service of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.

She is an accomplished tailor, and knows a bit about enchanting.


†Hieronymous Gentlespring, father. Deceased.

†Sarah Gentlespring, mother. Deceased.

Jonathan Gentlespring, brother. Status unknown.


Born in the Kingdom of Stormwind to a magi couple, but moved to Dalaran with her parents and older brother. Ewyllyn and Jonathan both trained as magi, yet neither did service in any of the wars except the Third War, during which Ewyllyn was seperated from her family, only have circumstances drag her over the sea and into Kalimdor, where she fought alongside her fellow Humans. Having lost all of her close friends in battle, and mourning the loss of her life's love, she became bitter and seclusive in the years following the outcome of the battle of Mount Hyjal, which she participated in. Nagged by survivour's guilt, which only became worse after the Orcs ended the whole Admiral Proudmoore affair, Ewyllyn became an unnecessary burden for the defenders of Theramore Isle, whose commanding personel advised that it would be best to relinquish her of her diplomatic service to the Kaldorei for an indefinite amount of time. Lady Proudmore's lieutenants advised her to return home for a time; left with little but a small hope to rejoin with her family she agreed, only to finally see the miserable ruins of Dalaran and the devastation of Lordaeron.

Spurred by the fact that her parents had been absent when Dalaran was brought down, and following a trace which lead her back to the city where she was born, more tragedy was to be found as she only found the two graves of her mother and father, who'd passed away. Her brother had left no trace, and no one knew what had become of him.

Disillusioned, and only more tired of life than she'd already been, Ewyllyn went back to the bottle, drinking heavily and not caring if she was annoying to anyone.

The only noteable change was when she, riding drunk, almost rammed her horse into Eileena and plummeted into the canal in an attempt to avert collision. Lingmai, a Draenei that was at that particular time talking to Eileena quickly helped her up, and when meeting the selfsame Draenei again she was introduced to Trawe. Trawe seemed to be able to reach the bitter woman, and eventually even managed to talk her into to stay off the alcohol - something that she struggled immensely with. Yet strengthened by the fact that someone apparently still cared, she gave in and did as best she could to help Trawe in turn.

Thinking that she'd perhaps finally found some new purpose, she made approaches to join with the Starlight group that Trawe was part of, but when Anadelonbrin, one of Starlight's leaders, asked her what she could offer aside from simple service as tailoring or fighting, Ewyllyn didn't know how to answer. Frustrated by the lack of response from the Night Elf, Ewyllyn freaked out, yelling bitterly as all her guilt woke anew. However, when recounting some things that occured at Mount Hyjal, she angered the Night Elf, who seemingly now refuses to even speak to her.

Embarressed, bewildered and upset Ewyllyn decided just to give up with everything, and head out North to either find her brother or peace in death. Trawe pleaded with her to stay, and managed to get through the barriers of guilt and shame - and she agreed to do so. Her second attempt was met with no success either, as she was publicly humiliated by Anadelonbrin who smacked her on her cheek with a piece of meat as repayment for disturbing the Night Elf's meal. Thus shamed Ewyllyn gave up on her attempts of reconciliation - practically holding a grudge towards the Night Elf and various other members of Starlight.

Having given up on that, she then decided not to give up on finding some sort of purpose, and applied at the Wizard's Sanctum, as available to various tasks on behalf of the magi in Stormwind. Having experience from her time in Dalaran, as well as in Theramore Isle, she was granted a commission, and performed various minor tasks on their behalf. As a result she seemed at that time content.

Then one day when visitting Trawe, whom she eventually hooked up with, she was grieved to learn of how he claimed to have lost touch with himself during his many battles in the Alterac Valley - he had decided to leave for a time to find himself, and hopefully his brother. The two parted ways, but promised to still keep the bond that had grown between them. However, a few days later when the Brewfest started Ewyllyn returned to the bottle, the old and only comfort she could find available. She was subsequently relieved of her duties at the Wizard's Sanctum due to negligence on her part.

But she is not entirely without friends, as Milwin Ofstead of Starlight is an example of, from time to time seeking out the drunkard mage, trying to cheer her up with varying results.

Family BackgroundEdit

Ewyllyn Gentlespring was born in the outskirts of Stormwind City roughly ten years prior to the Orcish invasion - her parents, however, moved out of the Kingdom of Stormwind just a few years before the Horde entered Azeroth, presumably due to being malcontent with the restraints for magi there. They moved to the Dalaran magocracy where Ewyllyn and her brother, Jonathan, consequently grew up, both eagerly following in the footsteps of their parents and studied magic under the watchful eye of the Kirin Tor.

It was during this time that Ewyllyn and her brother befriended various fellow magi students, such as Gerhard who later became close to Ewyllyn, albeit he died at the battle of Mount Hyjal.

The parents, as well as Ewyllyn, outlived both destructions of Dalaran (Second War and Third War), though during the Third War she lost contact with them as she departed for Kalimdor. Upon her return to the Eastern Kingdoms, her parents had passed away while living in Northshire Valley, where both were buried.

Jonathan, however, seems to have disappeared, with none seemingly knowing his whereabouts - much to Ewyllyn's dismay.

Criminal RecordEdit

Minor disturbances caused by loud singing while intoxicated (drunk).

Charged with harming a Guardsman of Theramore, who tried to seperate her and a sailor in a drunken brawl, with a blade. She received a choice of either spending her time in a jail or assisting the Alliance forces in Outland. She chose the latter.

Personal NotesEdit

Friendly, but shows little patience with people she thinks are outright stupid. Can often be seen talking to her horse, Alexia, or her wintersabre, Grumpy, due to the lack of people to speak to and the absence of friends. At other times she's outright hostile, asking people to scram.

She outright hates daemons and the Scourge for what both have done to her homeland, thus being sympathetic to any organisation that fights them. Forsaken appear, in her eyes, to be little different from any type of Undead.

Current StatusEdit

Following her seemingly successful detoxication, Ewyllyn was brought by Mordacious to Dalaran. Needless to say she was practically outright flummoxed by the sight of her former home having been rebuilt. With little persuasion, Mordacious even managed to convince her to fully return to her home and her people, this being sealed by her picking up the tabard of Dalaran once more, and pledge herself to its defence.

The result of this seems to be a spark of happiness, and she currently assists the Kirin Tor in whatever way she may be of service.

Ewyllyn's former status.

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