Name Edit

Eva "Serpent" Pike

Physical Traits Edit

Eva has long black hair and tanned skin. Her eyes are golden and her body build slender and fit. She has a small scar on her forehead but she covers it with her hair. Eva is below average in height and moves around with swing in her hips, usually with a flirty look in her eyes.

Eva is 17 years old (although she was passing as an 18 year old while she was in the Peoples' Militia).

Race and ClassEdit

Human Gyptian, rogue

Guild Edit

The Wild Rose Society

Ex-The Peoples' Militia

Occupation Edit

Former snake charmer at the Performing Pike circus.
Various odd jobs for Wiley the Black.
Former The Peoples' Militia Sergeant.
Currently trying to find something to do at Aerie Peak.


Eva comes from a very large gypsy-family. She has 11 siblings although she probably only has the same father as Janner Pike. Her brothers Janner Pike, Juven Pike and Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike live at Aerie Peak. Her cousin Jeran has recently located the four siblings and is now in close contact. Eva's cousin Ormsby has also been in contact.

Family Background Edit

Eva lived her childhood life in a caravan with her very large family of siblings, mother, cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. She was a part of "The Performing Pikes", which was a group of travelling artists and most of the Pikes were a part of. Her speciality was to charm snakes with a flute and therefor she got the nickname "Serpent". She learnt to use weaponry early as she used to hang around with her two older brothers, Janner "Dagger" Pike and Juven "Sneaky" Pike.

Background Edit

When the Darkmoon Faire put the Performing Pikes out of business, most of them went to work for the Faire. The two oldest brothers left, however, and Eva, at the age of 14, shortly followed. She didn't find her brothers but found herself in Lakeshire. She was taken in by Wiley the Black. Wiley taught her more about tricks and thievery and helped her get by.

At the age of 17, Eva travelled to Stormwind and was discovered by Janner (and a lot of other Militants on their patrol) as she was trying to rob an elf in an alley. She had been working at the Pig'n Whistle for two days as a barmaid, but Janner quickly pulled her out of that job, knowing about the reputation of the owner, and convinced her to join the Militia. Eva reluctantly joined, but was happy to find Juven there and eventually adopted the Militants as her new family.

When the Militia disbanded, Eva moved with the group to Aerie Peak.

Criminal Record Edit

Eva has never been caught...well, nearly one time but she got saved by her brother.

Personal Notes Edit

Eva is a hot headed girl and since her family means everything to her, she'll defend it with her life.

She has a kitten called Belly that was given to her by Halmar.

Current Status Edit

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