Name Edit

Lady Erina Darkhammer

Age Edit

Around her early 20s, but as most people know, looks can be deceiving

Looks Edit

she has tall blonde hair.

Her eyes are hard to describe but they are a mixture of both red and orange you could say.

Her body is slim and looks rather attractive to most men.

Background Edit

Erina's background is quite hard to find any traces of, but what she knows is that she had a father a mother. They first lived within The Redridge mountains but for no peticular reason they left and travelled to Lordaeron, to settle within the mountains of the now cursed land of Easter plaguelands, however that was before the scourge arrived.

Family Edit

Mother: Sorena Darkhammer (presumed dead)

Father: Einar Darkhammer (presumed dead)

Guild Edit

was the former leader of The Scarlet Hand, but for some reason she is not that anymore....

The Menethil Council, she acted as a guard.

Now she rules Ker Ashi, a cult based on practising her kind of magic thus increasing her own chaotic power yet no one knows she is the leader for now.

They call her The Matron.

The Mark Edit

On her Left hand is an ancient Marking that is belived to be a Mark of The Burning legion, but no true evidence has been revealed. But the mark grants Erina power over Light as well Shadow magic...even some unknown to others. But she prefers not using the Shadow arts, since she knows what happends to the unprepared.

Chaos Energy as time has passed she has mastered this magical energy, however it still requires some time before unleashed, causing considerable damage and can penetrate most magical defence's as physical defence towards this magic is useless without magical aid.

Chaos Stream This energy stream is indeed something to fear, it is almost unstoppable unless a counter magic that few beings actually can channel, no magical or Physical shields can protect you should you find your self enraging Erina to this point. however lucky for most people she never uses this power since it has a permanent effect on weaker beings

Chaotic rage When this power is activade she gains an unholy strength, capable of shattering shield and sword alike if not a counter strenght in the wielder is found, some that she has heard of wields this counter strength and one day will use her Unholy Strenght it to match their strength.

Holy Shockwave Due to her attempt to redeem herself she has begun exploring the magic of Light further then before, and this Powerful shockwave attack is the result, this is not as powerful as her Chaos magic but it still is a considerable threat to her enemies when unleashed.

Aura sensing

Her power doesn't just come in raw form this ability she has is quite useful, once she has met a new person, the aura that person emitted will always be able for her to sense, therefore being able to determine the location of that specific person, however she will also need a name for it to work properly, as she has many nameless auras that she senses but cannot locate, since the name attunes itself to that specific aura that, that person emitted.

Chaotic touch This is merely a finishing move, she simple destroys the very soul of that person to strenghtening her very own power, also send the soulless body into a irreversible Rampage untill a new soul has been forged or created for the soulless body.

This is only but a few but still most notible powers she commands.

Other information Edit

She was called The Deceiver by The Scarlet Hand during her Iron Rule over it, she used any person that crossed her path for her own ends, even those that never spoke to her.

Why she was called The Deceiver was quite unknown and is not related to the DemonLord Kil'jaeden. actually it has something to do with her hidden Heritage and the Mysterious mark she has

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