Introduction Edit

The Equal Heights Campaign was started by Lady Narcissa Wrenchwhistle (known as Sis due to a mess up of the mail goblins). She is the self-proclaimed spokesgnome of her race and strives to end all heightist actions.

What is heightism Edit

Heightism is described as all intentional discrimination based on differences in height.

Launching the campaign Edit

Narcissa launched the campaign by putting up posters all over Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus. Given her natural audience, they were affixed some two feet above the ground:


HEAR YE, hear ye all gnomes and dwarves under our fair skies!

Too often gnomes and dwarves are being looked upon with contempt by our taller allies. Too often we are being called "little one". Too often one hears on the streets in our fair lands: "Is that a turd I just stepped in, or just another gnome?". Too often we stare at a counter, too high to make out anything behind it.

But have we done the same? Our fair capital Ironforge is a safe haven to all. Do we force our vertically challenged allies to adjust to our height? NO! We do not! We provide them with all kinds of comforts suitable for their bodily constitution.

Yet, in return, we are being denounced. Fun is being made about our height. It is time to stand up against oppression! What we lack (in their eyes) in height, is more than compensated by our deeds! Yet they fail to see that.

Therefor, all gnomes and dwarves, I urge you to rally behind this common cause, to petition the People's Militia, to make hateful heightist remarks punishable by law!

Let our voices be known! Sign this petition, stand up against oppression! Create a signal the Militia cannot ignore!

Signed, Lady Narcissa Wrenchwhistle"

Public interest & progress Edit

Many people have signed the petition, mostly along racial lines. Interesting enough there is even some attention from the Undead. Downright remarkable is the plea to stop denouncing Tauren. Narcissa feels this is somewhat of a tribute to her work.

Media attention Edit

The Azeroth Journal conducted an interview with Narcissa, which was published in the third issue (21st of august, 2006).

External links Edit

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