Name Edit

Enid Jezebelle Golightly

Physical Traits Edit

A willowy girl with caramel coloured skin and a freckled face. Enid has dark red hair in tight ringlets and almond shaped, flirty eyes. She carries a paper hand fan which she habitually flutters.

Race and ClassEdit

Female human 'mage' (Warlock)

Guild Edit

Scarlet Missionary

Occupation Edit

Paragon of virtue


  • Gorden Golightly: Father (deceased)
  • Annabel Golightly: Mother
  • Seaman Jerry Staines: Stepfather
  • Claudia Underwood: Aunt (deceased)
  • Albertus Underwood: Uncle (deceased)
  • Esme Underwood: Cousin (Forsaken)

Background Edit

The Golightly family were once successful dairy farmers in Westfall, until hard times in the region caused by repeated Defias pillaging forced Enid's father to take out loans from Goblin money lenders. Unable to repay what he owed, the goblins killed him and the farm was soon bankrupted. Enid was just twelve. Desperate and penniless, Enid and her mother Annabel wandered south to Stranglethorn Vale, where Anna turned to drink and ended up marrying a violent and unscrupulous merchant sailor, named Jerry Staines. Staines was a terrible husband, drinking constantly, disappearing for days on end, and beating his wife. As Enid began to grow up she also noticed his beady and lustful eyes wandering over her, and knew it would only be a matter of time before she was fighting to keep Staines off her. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to get her mother to leave him, Enid fled Booty Bay on the eve of her seventeenth birthday. A relative of her father's living in Stranglethorn Vale bought her coach passage to Elwynn Forest, where she enrolled as a novice at Northshire Abbey. Determined to live a life of virtue, free of drink and lustful men, Enid applied to join the Scarlet Missionary guild and was accepted at Initiate level.

Family Background Edit

The Golightly's have always been Westfall farmers, but they are tied to the much larger and more well known Underwood family by Enid's mother's sister, Claudia, who joined the Church of the Light as a young woman and ended up marrying a Stormwind tailor named Albertus. Enid's only cousin, Esme, is a Forsaken priestess who has reportedly commited various atrocities in the name of profit. Enid does not know the fate of her Stormwind relatives currently.

Criminal Record Edit

Clean record.

Personal Notes Edit

Enid has a distinct "Southern Belle" accent which she picked up in Stranglethorn Vale.

Current Status Edit

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