Eltira Ladonar

Physical TraitsEdit

A woman in her late teens of somewhat short height. She was a plain beauty and light brownish hair hair. She had an ordinary fair face. She wore two ear rings.

Race and ClassEdit





Tailor and cook.


†Eric Ladonar, slain by Undead raised by Morbent Fel.

†Angeline Ladonar, also slain by Undead raised by Morbent Fel.

†Robert Ladonar, slain by Worgen.

†Infant sister (unnamed), dead due to illness.


Eltira was born in Raven Hill, Duskwood, second child of Eric and Angeline Ladonar. Her childhood was an ordinary one, per se, and she had a great bond with her three year older brother, Robert.

Everything changed after her mother had given birth to a baby sister, who subsequently was too weak and died shortly after due to an illness. Whilst burying the infant sister in Ravenhill Cemetary, it came to pass that it was at the same moment as Morbent Fel, the Necromancer, raised the dead from their graves. In an effort to save the children, Eric picked up his shovel and tried to hold the Undead at bay, but succumbed. Angeline in terror and shock didn't run, and was killed before the very eyes of Eltira, her blood splashing upon Eltira's face, thus leaving a deep scar within the young girl. Only because of her brother, Robert, who took her by the hand and ran into the woods, was she saved from death.

It's not known how long they remained in the woods, running and hiding from the creeping horrors as Duskwood truly lived up to its name. Whatever the case, the two youngsters sadly happened upon a place, which had become the home of Worgen. In an effort to save his sister, Robert tried to lure the Worgen away from her, but was immediately caught and literally ripped to pieces, while Eltira watched in horror, her mind finally breaking totally.

She somehow avoided detection and wandered the woods, hungered and bewildered. It is also unknown how long she remained lost in the woods, before a horseman found her alone and starving, insane. Whether it was pity or something else, the horseman took her with him, giving her a new home and shelter, whilst introducing her to the Shadow arts. Perhaps he wanted to turn her into a weapon of some sorts, as she seemed loyal to him. And to appease her madness he brought her Worgen pups that he somehow managed to acquire, letting her kill them and splash her face with their blood, thus creating the ritual in which she gave life to the thoughts - aka her parents and brother, whom she believed would live in her mind if she did just that, as well as drinking some of the blood. When too greedy she would as a result throw up.

However, her new protegé's meddling with the Shadow arts was discovered, and as a result he was brought to justice by a group of Paladins, who subsequently had him hung - Eltira hiding and watching everything. When they had gone she cut him down, slitting his throat and splashing her face with his blood before departing, and at some point ending up in Stormwind.

It was then that she met Entriia, who appeared friendly and understanding regarding her need to complete the ritual on a daily basis. Entriia guarded a pool of blood, which she allowed Eltira to use, if she thought it proper for the young girl. Later Entriia promised her power to deal with both Worgen and Undead that she hated so utterly - thus introducing her to the blood mist after bringing Entriia some book, taken unbeknownst to the other Warlocks.

When Entriia disappeared Eltira was left to her hunger, and suffered greatly due to the lack of blood mist, disabling the intended function of the ritual, which would give life to her thoughts.

She was found in the ruins of her old home in Raven Hill by Telrunya and Evelyna, suffering greatly and bitter that the ritual had ceased to work for her. Due to their efforts was the addiction removed and her mind was repaired, erasing any memory of the blood mist and Entriia, as well as making her neutral towards the Light, Darkness and the Shadow ways.

However her training under the Prophet was cut short when the afore-mentioned person died, thus triggering a confusion in her repaired mind. She wandered seemingly aimlessly, at times mumbling things to herself until she vanished.

Family BackgroundEdit

Very little is known about Eltira's parents and what they did for a living. Eltira had no clear memory of it, both due to her young age as well as the repairing of her mind by Evelyna.

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

After having her sanity restored, Eltira is like a young teenager, and curious about her surroundings. She appears friendly and is somewhat naïve. Having no relations she came to see Telrunya and Evelyna as a sort of substitute family, hoping that they would bond with her and give her the sense of security that she has suddenly found herself without. After Telrunya's apparent disappearance, and not having seen Evelyna for a long time, she has moved on, though seeming rather confused and babbling strange things to herself.

Current StatusEdit

Vanished; presumed dead.

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