Name Edit

Eliya Moonshadow

Physical Traits Edit

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Shadowmancer/Priest

Guild Edit

The Dark Embrace

Family Edit

Father: Mandao Moonshadow - Dead

Mother: Erianna - Dead

No sisters or brothers or other relatives alive.

Background Edit

Eliya is the result of an affair between a Kal'Dorei druid and a Quel'Dorei mage. Eliyas mother died shortly after giving birth. Her father took her back to Darkshore and raised her there as a druid. At early age they noticed that Eliya had no druidic powers in form of feral skills and natural knowledge, allthough she had strong magic powers for healing.

She was put on priestess training with Priestesses of Elune at the same time The Legion did their invasion. While people fought at the world tree she read about the priestly ways and waited for her father to come back. Though he never did. She decided to go look after him and started a journey in search for him.

One day she was a victim for a robberyattempt led by Janner Pike. The robbery failed but tales are told that she was discovered by a The Dark Embrace member. Nothing is confirmed though.

((more to come when I really can be bothered to write ))

Criminal Record Edit

No criminal record

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