Elenore 01

Elenore Redwood
ClassFire Mage
StatusAlive in Outland

Name Edit

Elenore Redwood

(Nicknames: Elen, Ele)

Age Edit

27 Years old.

Physical Traits Edit

She is a tall, young mage girl. She's got brown hair that she wears in ponytail. She is medium built. Her eyes are brown too. Her voice is sonorous as a clean spring, her behavior is calm and gentle.

Her clothes are attract attention, her skirt and t-shirt are bluish and violet-colored. Her yoke is shine as a sun. An ornate crown covers her head. On her legs there are violet-colored shoes. In her neck she wears a silver necklace with a silver pendent as jewel.

Race and Class Edit

Human female. Fire Mage

Guild Edit

Keepers of Hundyl

Occupation Edit

  • Elenore was one of the most talented and trusted mages of the Kirin Tor.
  • Field Marshal of Alliance

Family Edit

  • Father: Gregus Redwood - Prince of Stromgarde
  • Mother: Ellen Stonechisel - Citizen

Background Edit

Elenore Redwood was born 598 years ago. Her mother died in childbirth. She lived in Stromgarde with her fater. Her father was killed by the Orc horde in Stromgarde. Then she learnt all about the science of mages in Stormwind. When she was great in her studies she passed into Kirin Tor's Mage Training School. After she had left the school she was member of the Blessed Crusaders Guild and she practised her knowledge. She fought with the Alliance in several battles. Their enemy was the Horde. She was expert in the wars so she got the Field Marshal and the High Mage of Kirin Tor title.

Home Edit

Now: Outland - Shattrath City

Sometimes: Azeroth - Stormwind or Ironforge

Links Edit

[1] Elenore's RPGO Profile

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