A couple of miles east from Southshore stands Dun Garok, a dwarven Hold built shortly before the Third War as an act of assistance to the ravaged land from the Dwarves. Mountaineers' Third Brigade is stationed here at the moment, led by Colonel Angst Ironboot.
800px-WoWScrnShot 020707 132508

Dun Garok Hold.

Captain Ironhill is in charge of the defense when higher ranks are out on a mission.

As all the modern dwarven holds, Dun Garok has all the facilities one may ever need. Two bars are situated in the wings, filled with foodstuffs. On the lowest level is the meeting lodge, with a cosy campfire. Most of the meetings and discussions happen here. The central hall has been turned into a steam tonk depot and a gyrocoptery on the higher level, where the Pole Star is usualy docked. A laboratory is situated on the top floor, where Mountaineers skilled in engineering can always be seen (as well as the remnants of an unlucky one smashed agaisnt the ceiling). A spartan dormitory occupies the top floor as well.

800px-WoWScrnShot 033107 212406

Mountaineers grouping in front of the etrance for a drill.

The ground outside Dun Garok is still a bit scorched from the time when a Blood Elven army attacked the Hold. Not far from the fortress, on a cliff stands the monument to Mountaineers killed during the operations held for the safety of the Alliance.

Mountaineers defending the stronghold against a Scourge attack.

Grimbal Ironbeard was raised here as an orphan and intends to return once he is finished working for Ironforge. He currently resides in Southshore

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