Full NameEdit

Brother Angus Dufferin, Emissary, Registrar

Physical TraitsEdit

An older man, his head is bald. He looks older than his years, with tired eyes from years of study. He is always seen wearing the habit of his Order.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock

GuildEdit Scarlet Missionary


Brother Angus Dufferin is the Registrar of the Scarlet Crusade's mission to the City of Stormwind.

As Registrar, Brother Angus is responsible for keeping records of membership of the order, as well as managing dealings with other organisations and with the Crusade's heart of opperations in the north. Part of this duty is to act as a first point of contact with new members wishing to join the crusade.


None of Angus Dufferin's family survived the plague and war in the north.


Born in Andorhal, Dufferin studied magic, after serving an apprenticeship in Andorhal, he travelled to the great university in Dalaran. Certain of his research topics were objected to, and he had to leave that august institution. After that, he travelled the word studying the history of magic and its usage in many cultures.

In his travels he happened to return to Andorhal as it fell, and driven by this horror, he joined the Scarlet Crusade. After serving a time as librarian at the monastary in Tirisfal, he came south to Stormwind to serve in the mission there.

Family BackgroundEdit

Current StatusEdit

As Registrar of the mission, brother Dufferin is a first point of contact for potential recruits to the mission. He has several other discreet tasks he works on as well.

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