Name Edit


Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Druid

Background Edit

Dialogue overheard near a Moonwell in Darnassus:

"One would think, for a Kaldorei of my age, recalling past memories would be difficult... but they soothe me in sweet dreams of days past and haunt me in never ending nightmares. Oh how I wish I could merely erase them completely and start anew. Hah... If only... Well friend, where do I start? My earliest recollections were of the twin bears. Their furry hides were a constant source of entertainment in my childhood. Do you know they are the reason for my druidic following? It matters not. The horror of their death haunts me still... I will not go into details surrounding the first war, save to say we paid dearly.

Mmm? Was I reflecting again? Sorry, my mind wanders often to those times... Let me continue. The decades that followed after the war are a blur. Oft times I have tried to recall what happened but it always eludes me. Retrospection is not a trait I possess I'm afraid. Understand that I was not always a follower of the way of Cenarius. This only came in later years. Though I would not share that story with most, for you, friend, I will do so. The one who taught me the ways of Cenarius was a leader amongst kin.

Charismatic with a dash of visionary. I miss our discussions... He carried around him an air of confidence in his teachings that could stir even the coldest of heart. I followed him and his dream to what is now known as the Barrens. There we attempted to restore the natural balance of nature. This was however short lived. Called by the Emerald dream, he left us to the task. We diligently continued with his work while he traversed the Emerald dream, but changes amongst us became evident... The horror started soon after...

What?! Did you hear that? Friend, they are coming and me must prepare. Too much time has been wasted on those meaningless Missionaries. It is not safe for you here, go now. Should... When we meet again we will talk more. You are certain you do not hear the whispers? Good... Their hold is yet weak. Go now, friend Vahl, follow Halgar. He will not lead you astray..."

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