Name Edit

Harbinger Drakkon "The Draconic" Nightmist


Drakkon Nightmist, in eternal servitude to the Dragons

Physical Traits Edit

Drakkon is an average size Night Elf with dark skin and long silver hair, a deep scar runs along the left side of his face where a Dragon marked him. He has a sharp face with sharp features and Drakkon's glowing yellow eyes indicate he is a Night Elf.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Warrior

Guild Edit

Drakkon is currently guildless.

Occupation Edit

Drakkon is an accomplished skinner and miner for what its worth. He has no real job apart from contracted killings that his mentor has ordered. He is currently studying the noble path of the Warrior under this unknown master.


Father: Lord Drakkon Nightmist "The Draconian Devil" (Missing)

Adopted Mother: Lady Tyrannia (Unknown)

Adopted Brother: Caelachros the Valiant (Alive)

Son: Tarnaelis Nightmist (Missing)

Mentor His name is unknown to Drakkon, but the Mentor has taught Drakkon to call him "Dragonheart." Drakkon half-believes that a Bronze Dragon under the instruction of Nozdormu is tutoring him. As "Dragonheart" also has a solid belief in the Dragon Aspects.

Lord Drakkon Nightmist was a champion of the Black Dragonflight when Neltharion became Deathwing. Drakkon was fierce, savage and wise... and fought in the Second War. He was slain by his bodyguard who betrayed him and Neltharions brood.

Lady Tyrannia is from Nozdormu's brood. She adopted Drakkon as her son when she found him wandering the Tanaris desert aimlessly. Recently she has disappeared.

Caelachros the Valiant is Lady Tyrannia's son and Drakkon's adopted brother. He is a bronze dragon, like his mother.

Tarnaelis Nightmist is rumoured to be Drakkon's son. Tarnaelis has been missing for five years, the last time he was seen was when he was traveling to Blackrock Spire in search of Nefarion.

Background Edit

Drakkon was born in Tanaris Desert. He was born an orphan but raised by a Night Elf who got himself lost in the Desert. When Drakkon was five, his camp was attacked by the Sand Trolls and his foster parent killed by them. Drakkon was brought to the Chief Sandfury Troll and they decided to spare his life but in return he had to slave for the Chief. Drakkon was abused in every way imaginable.

When he was 17 he managed to escape the Trolls but was forced into hiding because he feared that anyone who met him would take him back to his enslavers. He was then found by Anachronos who brought him to Nozdormu the Timeless. His fate was sealed and the dragons were going to execute him because of Drakkon's father. They thought that he would just be as dangerous and as corrupted as his father but one dragon objected. Tyrannia asked Nozdormu to let the Night Elf live. The Great Aspect agreed but under one condition: Drakkon would have to be marked by the dragons and live in eternal servitude to them.

This was how Drakkon got his scar. Tyrannia raised Drakkon and then gave birth to Caelachros. Years went by and the dragon mother and her sons lived a hard life, full of strife and trials. It took Drakkon years to pass his trials, he had to prove himself to Lord Nozdormu. Many of the trials were savage and brutal, but Drakkon passed them.

They taught Drakkon about their history, and about his father. Nozdormu then revealed to Drakkon that he foresaw their meeting and foresaw his fate if he had not been raised by Tyrannia.

Many years later, Drakkon met the other Broods. The red, green, blue and the black dragons. All but the black dragons accepted the Elf as one of them, the black dragons under Nefarion vowed to slay Drakkon when he went to meet them in Blackrock Mountain and Dustwallow Marsh. They boomed that Drakkon had betrayed and disappointed his father and the Dragonflight by taking an oath to serve and protect the other Dragonflights. Drakkon left the Black Dragonflight with a humble bow and headed back to his home, the desert.

Years later Drakkon left the desert, but with the dragons blessing. The Elf said he would repay his debt to Nozdormu and his family someday. He left for Teldrassil, and was trained by a mysterious master who Drakkon believes is one of Nozdormu's Brood... Drakkon has now completed his training and is living freely, spreading the dragons teachings to those meets.

Family Background Edit

Drakkon hasn't been told much about his adopted family, but has been told about his father.

Lord Drakkon swore allegiance to Neltharion when the Aspect was turned insane by the Old Gods. Neltharion gladly accepted Drakkon and he had to take a blood oath to always serve the Black Dragonflight. Lord Drakkon was cursed as a half-ling, an experiment by Neltharion. Deathwing used the Demon Soul and transformed Drakkon into a half-blood dragon. Drakkon retained his Night Elf shape but he sprouted wings, his hands turned into sharp claws and his skin became scaly and rough.

He killed many during the Second War, with Kaelann Blackforge as his bodyguard. Drakkon was becoming a champion of the Dragonflight.

When Neltharion's plan of capturing the other flights and using their energies was told to them, Kaelann began to resent himself. He ran from the Dragonflight and threw himself at the mercy of the other Aspects. Kaelann agreed to betray them in order to redeem himself.

When Drakkon was supervising over Neltharions new breed, he was assaulted by Kaelann who pushed him off a cliff and into the lava.

Criminal Record Edit

Clean.. Well, apart from contracted murders and thefts.

Personal Notes Edit

Drakkon is draconic fanatic and believes only in the Dragons. He is friendly but cocky towards those he meets, but alway shows a modest side. Drakkon is calculating and does his job best when it comes to shadows.

Current Status Edit

Drakkon is currently missing, it is believed that he traveled to Blackrock Mountain in search of his lost son. It is unknown whether he and his son are dead or alive.

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