The Draenor Vanguard was formed from the redeemed remnants of a corrupt military unit under Gul’dan's command during the wars, which in turn was formed from a previously noble tribe of Draenor orks. They were amongst the first orcs to travel from Draenor to Azeroth, hence the name. Goffgob, Getitka, Mormanik, and Fromp are the last survivors of the original tribe. Lugnutz, a fellow officer, is still missing in action.

Facing new threats from the Scourge, and increasing dangers across Azeroth, the Vanguard command group and select troops briefly moved to the ranks of Unspeakable Villainy, where under Godmother Esme's watchful eye and guiding hand their mission continued in a different form. However, as the Dark Portal reopened in recent months, the Vanguard became affected by old, forgotten energies. The Mormanik disappeared what has been described by shaken witnesses as a "demonic incident", and Goffgob and Getitka were seen talking in low tones in a dark alley behind the Chophouse in Orgrimmar, and subsequently took to the road, heading east. The whereabouts of Fromp are unknown.


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