Dionne Helen Silverband

Physical TraitsEdit

She is about 5'5 and has shoulder lengthed blonde hair tied up neatly in a bun. she has no visable scars


Scarlet Missionary


A pentient of the Scarlet missionary


Orik Silverband [father, Dead]

Lucinda Silverband[mother, dead]

Morvin Silverband [sister, insane]

Nephew- Aiden Duskshaw


Born in hearthglen she has always been a steadfast supporter of the light she often boasts that her first mace was a rattle made for her by Uther the lightbringer himself. Her father and Uther were good friends and Dionne looked up to them both. She started her working for the holy light as a choir girl in the church ever since she has loved singing. She then went on to become a Paladin with some usefull tips from her mentors.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Silverbands have been priests,paladins and mages since the day Morvanus Graylot placed a hand made crown of silver upon the alter of the holy light three hundred years ago. Some of the most notable would have to be Morvanus Graylot-Silverband [Paladin] Orik Silverband [paladin] and Megera Silverband-Lightwheel [priest]. Her family have been very wealthy but have never strayed from giving vast sums to those that need it.

Criminal RecordEdit

No criminal reccord

Personal NotesEdit

Dionne is a fierce defender not only of the light but of her family name taunt anything about it and she will likly find a reason to execute you...

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