Name Edit

Dibby Darkgear

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Physical TraitsEdit

Young for a Gnome Dibby is thirty seven years old. He has bright green hair and a cruel looking face. Often seen looking dirty and scruffy for that is how he prefers to remain as it greatly angers his mistress.


House Wheeler family servant


Unknown, possible that his mother was the last servant but has never been proven


Little is known of Dibbys background, he was found recently curled up in a cupboard by Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler, in the old Wheeler Manor in Ambermill. Count Wheeler took it upon himself with the goodness of his heart to aid the poor gnome who had grown disturbed living alone in the estate for so long. Claiming he was the Wheeler family servant and only answered to his master, Dibby became aggressive when the Count offered to help. After many hours of "convincing", Nathaniel managed to persuade Dibby that he was the new Count and because of a blood oath Dibby had to obey any member of the Wheeler family. Dibby finally agreed to obey his new master but however resents him as in his mind he does not agree that he should hold the Countship.

After Nathanials death, Dibbys new master became the Counts grandaughter, Debrina. He still serves her loyally but with distaste.

Family HistoryEdit

The only member of Dibbys family he can remember was his mother, who died when he was very young


"The humans will rule supreme, and the rest of the traitors will pay for their disobedience"


Dibby is a very disturbed gnome who sees the humans as the supreme race. He feels that all gnomes should find themselves a master and will react will aggression to those who he feels are traitors. He shows distrust to any other race except the Forsaken who he views as "was-humans" and should still be treated with respect.

Current Status Edit

Serving his current Master... with regret

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