Deviant Fellheart known as Dev by others

Physical TraitsEdit

An aging man little over 45 apperance wise yet far more experianced than this would belie, gifted with piercing blue eyes, a man of posture, experiance and skill his physical exposition shows this. Lost left eye several years ago however cleverly hides this with a glass eye rarley wears a patch, scar has recently developed over the old wound. Has increased in physical strength scince returning from his journey and has far increased abilites and tone. Scince returning now has a constant look of clarity and peace however in a situation this look is replaced by that a focused and serious man to the highest degree.


Shards of a Broken Crown


Is currently under occupation for the Shards though still carries out his mercanery work on the side, has returned to fishing and recently learned to craft various armour types. Has a reputation as a master fisherman but only a select few ever see this for themselves.


As a young lad saw the fall of lordaeron and the death of his people, many years of war shaped and taught him all he knew about the world the impression was not a good one. From years of fighting he became incredibly skilled and developed a sense of bloodthirst this is what guided him for the few years he wandered, a mercanery alone no purpose he had all but given up until he met her, however that was not meant to be as her life was silenced by the remnants of what he had come to know as his enemy. theres are many details in this mans life however the past is no more... all he holds on to from that time is the name "Deviant" an outcast, against the persception of his times.

Recently upon a whim he awoke an old memory, the armies of arthas and the death they inflicted, all his pain had derived from them. So in a laste haste he left a note for the one person he held dear and departed into the night. As he left for the north he passed through the lands of lordaeron where for the first time in years he recognised his weakness he realised he had not infact fought the scourge with his brothers in arms but fled. In the shadows of the great walls of the now decaying city countless hidden memories rushed through his mind until atlast he fell to his own haunting madness, however his body carried on like a mindless puppet moved by a mysterious will it draged itself through the plaugelands over the snowy peaks until atlast it had reached the end of its journey and it had finnaly stoped as it fell once again in the fields of snow not to move again. For days he lay frozen near death until a voice was heard a voice from his past he knew well her, she utterd words for him to move on to forget the past and live for the prospect of a new future a new hope for himself regardless of what he knew. So with his last ounce of strength he wraped his cloak around his back placed on his helm and trodded through the snow laiden fields for the return journey to stormwind only turning for a passing glance at the land laiden with death and decay as he uttered a final "farwell" to his past and the memory of the old man named Siegmind.

Criminal RecordEdit

Current StatusEdit

Now seperated from his past Deviant has devoted himself to a more virtious path uncertain of where he goes he travels, Deviant now spends his days learning and teaching all he can until he finnaly decides what future awaits him.

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