Denice Blackwell

Name Edit

Denice Blackwell

Physical Traits Edit

A young lady in her early twenties, Denice has long, untidy, red hair. And is often seen dressed in her Engineering clothes, she always wears her "lucky goggles", you can tell if she has a idea or a plan when she pulls them down from her forehead to her eyes.

Race and Class Edit

Female Human Rogue.

Guild Edit

((Hopefully Citizens of StormWind))

Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Only child, her mother and father are still alive, living happily in Goldshire.

Background Edit

lived a happy life with her parents in goldshire until she left to get a job in StormWind as a professional Engineer.

Current Status Edit

Working her rear end off in StormWind.

personal notes Edit

Denice loves tinkering with all things mechanical, and hopes some day to create the greatest invention ever seen. She looks at mechanics with the excitement of a child, and can often creep people out with her unusual obsession with all things mechanical.

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