Delphine and kartya

Delphine on that rare occasion where she talks to her sister Kartya. (Dephine is the Lady on the left).

Name Edit

Mistress Delphine Bathory

Physical Traits Edit

If anyone could describe Delphine, it would be that of a beautiful woman, but most men tend not to get too close to her. When anyone approaches Delphine they are often treated with scorn and hatred, only if she approaches them does she show any grace or decency.

Delphine also has the strangest green eyes, an unfamiliar trait that doesn’t run in her family.

Delphine also isn’t afraid of most things, it seems as thou she has seen many a thing and has become immune to anything that would scare a lesser person.

Race and ClassEdit

Human female, Witch

Guild Edit

None that anyone has seen off, But she has been spotted talking to strange hooded figures, She has also been known to talk a lot with The Peoples' Militia , thou this may also mean she wants to know the law a little better.

Occupation Edit

Thou she doesn’t appear around the alliance areas often when she does, she seems not to trade or do anything that would suggest that she makes or sells anything. Instead she is seen walking around as the surveying the area.


Delphine’s Mother and Father do not have anything to do with her ever since an incident when she was a child. Her sister Kartya, always tries her hardest to make her sister feel welcome in anything she does but Delphine would rather insult and curse her.

The only person who was ever close to her was her late uncle. But the family disowned him whilst Delphine was just 12 years old. Delphine watched her uncle who she idolised burn at the stake just a year later.

Background Edit

Born during the time of the first war, Delphine grew up with her mother and father around them, as they were very close friends to the Archmagi, the Archmagi managed to persuade those higher up that her father would be better off staying at home with his wife, making supplies for the armies.

Delphine would often be taken to her uncle on many occasions, as he was a high father, her mother and father would often leave her alone with him. She would sit through meeting between her uncle and the Archmagi. On many occasion she would also participate in some of their business meetings.


Of course the Archmagi and her uncle were very close friends, and this was the only reason that her father managed to escape the call up.

After a few years, her Uncle and the Archmagi decided that they would travel to Lordaeron, after much arguing between her and her family, and the fact that the Archmagi was a very wealthy man, the family decided to move to the Capital. Her uncle and Archmagi would preach out on the streets, always following would be Delphine. She would follow them everywhere, learning what was being said, teaching those younger than her there meanings and always providing answers to those who wanted to hear them.

After living in the city for less than a year, the Archmagi had many followers; it was then that he asked Delphines uncle to get the family out of the city. After many arguments between the two of them, they left the city and headed back towards Dalaran.

When they apperared back in Dalaran, Delphine went straight off to start preaching what she had learnt, but her uncle held her back, Her father seeing this thought that something was amiss, and banned Delphine from seeing her uncle again. Even thou her family never had anything to do with the High Father again, Delphine would often manage to get word to him somehow.

It was a year later in Dalaran that Delphines uncle was arrested and executed for treason, immediately her family cut all ties to her uncle and the Archmagi. Even going as far as telling Delphine that she would never be allowed to say his name in public without fear of her father giving her such a whipping. But Delphine rebelled, she continued to preach the words of the Archmagi, all those meetings she had listened on to made her more than capable to preach what the people wanted to hear.

After her family realized what she was doing she was banished from her family home, unsure of why, a hatred grew inside her. Why had she been outcast from her family? Why could she not mourn her uncle? These were the things going through her head. The only person who would speak with her was her sister, But her sister did not want anything to do with her being out cast, why should she now? Through her travels in the following years she happened to cross many people with the same mindset, she was taught many a thing and was told that the time would come again; that what the Archmagi and her Uncle had started would soon be finished. Delphine was given contact to those who she felt were her true family. To this day she still holds true to the beliefs of her uncle and that of her Archmagi.

Family Background Edit


The crest of the Family Bathory the motto, "Aegrescit Medendo" translates to "The remedy is worse than the disease"

  • Father: Mathew Bathory, Born in Dalaran aged 54 years old.
  • Mother: Elizabeth Bathory, born in Lordaeron aged 43 years old
  • Sister: Kartya Bathory, born in Lordaeron aged 23 years old
  • Uncle: High Father Derren Bathory, born in Dalaran Aged 32 when executed

Current Status Edit

Last seen in Westfall. Her whereabouts at this moment are unknown,

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