Deathwishes. Real name Silmarwen Falassion.

Physical TraitsEdit

A young night elf (200 years old) with a slender and healthy body. She doesn't wear a druid-like robes, but nonethles serves Elune is much as she can.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf Druid


Outland Legionaires


Alchemy and Herbalism.


Father: died of magical addiction.

Mother: died in a Furbolg raid.

Close friend: Berghinton (missing).

Druid Teacher: still alive.


Born in Ashenvale, Silmarwen enjoyed a short childhood. Her father, one of the few Highborne who stayed behind to take care of his wife and child, died due to the lack of magic using and her mother died shortly after a raid by furbolgs. With no family to take care of her, she was put into a home where she came into contact with other orphans who were slightly corrupted bye the legions imps, who were in the area.She lost the will to life and called herself from that day on 'Deathwishes'. Life was hard in the orphanage, as the children kept picking on her, punching her, and even tried to corrupt her. Her only light in her live was her druid trainer, who taught her how to use the power of nature to enlighten both pain to others and herself. She left the orphanage as well as she could and began her career as a druid. She was present at the battle for Mount hyjal, but only healed the wounded soldiers. 4 years later she began exploring the world. It was during that time she met the Outland legionares, a guild dedicated into helping others. She now helps others to get stronger and fight for Elune.

Criminal RecordEdit

None, despite harships still on the right path.

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