Deakin Wayland.


Physical TraitsEdit

Appears to be in his late twenties, but acts like someone double that. Deakin's broad frame hides a surprising quickness with the sword. Whilst he protects himself with the heaviest and strongest armour out on the field, whenever within the relative safety of the various towns and cities he can be seen wearing a variety of stylish shirts, and tends to keep himself well presented as best he can. Carries a scar from a wound that appears to have entered his stomach and out through his back.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior.


Has been a member of The Order for some months now. Ranked as The Voice within the Guild, he was the first and so far only member to be given the temporary rank of The Keeper during the period of voting for the Second Council.


A sword for hire. Deakin's skill with the blade can sometimes be a curse as he is constantly requested by many to help with tasks they themselves cannot accomplish. Due to his kind-hearted nature, he is unable to deny such requests and as such, is never without some sort of job to do or task to complete. He does however, take time away from battle during almost every night to spend within Stormwind and around the people he cares for.


Raised within Stormwind, Deakin was brought up by a loving mother and father. His father served in the army before marriage and Deakin followed in his footsteps. Also has a younger brother of a year named Laele who no one bar a few has seen in many years. Laele like Deakin, also followed in his father's footsteps. Both parents are now dead from natural causes.


Deakin and his younger brother Laele were born and raised in Stormwind by a close and loving family. Their childhood was quiet and uneventful and once Deakin was of age, he joined the Stormwind Army and was sent far away from home to fight in battles overseas. Once Laele was old enough, he too joined the Army. The two became well known in the ranks as great swordsmen, and they would often joke as to who was the better of the two. Whilst Deakin specialised in the use of larger two-handed swords, his younger brother much prefered the quickness that using a smaller single-handed blade would give, and would always carry one in each hand.

After serving their time in the army, Deakin and Laele left and together founded a guild known as The Knights of Dark Renown. They set up their main base of operations in the small coastal village of Southshore, close to the Plaguelands. It was from there that the guild focused their attention on the Undead, and made sure they were kept in check.

The guild had been in Southshore for nearly two months when Laele, who was the main scout for the guild, brought word of a large group of Undead who were planning an attack upon the small village. The guild headed out immediately to put a stop to their plan.

The following day, only two members of the guild returned. Deakin had been badly wounded by a blade that had impaled from stomach to back and needed serious treatment. The other man was Garojansei, a Night Elf. With the help of his Druid training in healing, he was able to bring Deakin back from edge of Death.

Neither men would discuss what had happened to the others. Deakin recovered from his wound, but was a changed man, silent and troubled, untrusting to all. The mystery of what occurred that night is known to only a few. Deakin left Southshore shortly after and was not seen much for many many years. Finally some months ago, he returned home to Stormwind and shortly after, joined a new Guild.

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

Over recent months since returning to Stormwind and joining The Order, Deakin's complete distrust of all around him has begun to lessen and he has opened up a little to those closest to him. He is still a very quiet person, only speaking when absolutely necessary and even then only a few words, which some have been known to mock him about in a light-hearted way. Since returning from Southshore, where he was for two weeks on a secretive mission, Deakin has suddenly changed from the use of two-handed blades to carrying two single-handed swords instead. Strangely he seems to be even better at using them then one with no prior experience should.

Interesting FactsEdit

Because of his quietness, Deakin was given the title within The Order of The Silent, not to be confused the rank of the same name within the Guild. His favourite colour is blue, but he only wears his favourite blue shirt on special occasions that normally occur once a week. Deakin has recently gained a horse by the name of Sparks, which was Auburn's long-time trusted steed. He received this generous gift just weeks before her sudden death at the hands of the Scourge.

Current StatusEdit

Deakin mysteriously vanished and was not seen for close to two weeks not too long ago. When he returned, all he would say is that he had run into some "unexpected difficulties". He seems fine though, and is both physically and mentally unchanged from whatever occured during that time. Currently he spends little time within Stormwind and around his friends and allies, perhaps he is reverting back to the man he was prior to his initial return to the City some months ago?

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