Name Edit

Daxi Kil'Reth

Physical Traits Edit

Daxi is slightly shorter and plumper than most trolls and definately has less muscle tone on her than any warriors. From her build and her quiet manner, she doesn't strike you as the fighting type. There is an aura of calm around her, perhaps too calm which might make you feel uneasy if you didn't know her. She's quite a pretty troll, it's hard to age her because of the spirit's blessing, but she looks older and wiser than a troll in her teens, but not wrinkled enough to be a crone.

Occupation Edit

Well known alchemist with a large selection of recipes. Often goes 'pickin' daisies' during quiet times. Allegedly has some skill as a healer. She's often found praying with people, offering blessings and believes everyone has a right to get to know their spiritual side.

Guild Edit

Formerly a member of the Draenor Vanguard, she moved to Unspeakable Villainy when they disbanded. She spent a long time fighting under Defiance colours and since the split, she hasn't been seen wearing a tabard. A lot of the old members stayed together though and it is rumoured that they call themselves 'Diaspora'.

Family Edit

Daxi originally became a priestess to help people and because it ran in the family. She followed her elder sister, Daxiss, who went missing and found she was last seen in the Draenor Vanguard. Over time, she realised Daxiss wasn't the holy priest she had believed her to be and she had dabbled with shadow magic to the point where it corrupted her. Daxi worries that this temptation could be genetic and has often come very close to allowing herself to slip to the dark side as well but so far resisted. Daxiss has been missing for a long time now and is presumed to be dead or corrupted to the point where she is no longer recognisable.

She has two living sisters - Kaitha and Xenji. Neither felt the calling to become a priestess but are following the path of the mage and the warrior respectively.

Current Status Edit

Daxi was part of an elite Defiance team who felled Ragnaros and Onyxia. She was worried that fighting this much has ruined her other work helping people find the good in themselves and she doesn't have as much time to bless the new recruits of the horde. However, she hasn't felt the call of shadows tugging her recently and she feels more powerful than ever before so the spirits must be guiding her path for a reason.

She continued down that path into Outlands and carried on exploring and trying to make progress. There was an incident in Tempest Keep involving some demonic taint which affected her healing. She gave up hope and allowed the shadow magic to overwhelm her only temporarily but it was enough. Now she is struggling to learn to channel the light again whilst using the darkness of her enemies against them.

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