Davinrad Farlight Hilon


Lord of South Stromgarde, Lieutenant of Prince Trollbane


Grey Hair and Fluffy beard,Well-build. Approximately 6foot 9 inches tall.

History Edit

Davinrad was born to Carlinrad Hilon and Cecilana DeNoran aprroximately 52 years ago.

He was forever born to be the Head of his House, and was raised as a Warrior, a Strategist and, most of all, a Drunk. His alcoholism has permeated his entire life, but he refuses to admit it. His lordly education taught him a proper way to speak to Lords and Nobles, but he inherited his rought baritone from his father, which he chooses to use as often as possible. Fighting against Trolls during the First War, and against Orcs during the Second, Davinrad became a keen fighter, a natural soldier and a barbaric warrior. Few doubted he would reach great heights. At the age of 25, Davinrad turned his attention to politics and troll hunting, killing dozens of them. But his most sinister pasttime was torturing captured Orcs, something many still remember.

By the time of the Third War, Davinrad had 3 sons, 2 Daughters and was a proud Head of his House. Galen Trollbane saw him as a great advisor in peaceful times, and refused to believe the dark tales of Davinrad's drinking and his torturing. He was widely considered the Best Soldier in Stromgarde.

Then the Third War came. It was decisive; Davinrad was overruled and Stromgarde was shut off behind dark walls, only to be beset by Syndicate, Ogre and Troll hordes. Davinrad took the role of Regent for the disastrous year of 25, overseeing Strom's fall and fleeing to Stormwind disguised as a simple priest, for which he repeatedly berates himself

Stormwind Edit

Davinrad spent 2 years trying to forgive himself, before joining the Order of The Silver Hand, shattered by Arthas but still intact in Azeroth. He spent another 5 years with deep and terrible post-traumatic stress disorder getting into great amounts of trouble, from being arrested to captured by trolls, Davinrad did it all. Even dying, many people thought.

That was until, of course, he went North. He fought. He fought alot. He became tired, but then he was ambushed by Scourge while aiding an Argent Dawn patrol and turned into a Death Knight.

The things he did during that short period are something he very rarely talks about.


The Hilon Family have always been born Soldiers, serving proudly and voraciously in each War, losing many Young Men in the name of Stormwind.. The Heir of Davinrad's estates is Merfundul Litris, his Nephew.



Current StatusEdit

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