Dagoney Drathelean Trinidast Eranadasas Heartstrike. Nickname:Dag

Physical Traits Edit

Dagoney has long Dark Blue hair, with a sparsing of twigs within it. He has a long scar across his right eye, and his frame is slim but muscular.

Race and ClassEdit

Pure Kal'Dorei Male Hunter


The Simple Troubadour


Hunter, Skinner and Miner


Father - Drathelean Daregar Farstrike (Deceased)

Mother - Elirtad Yeasda Heartleave (Deceased)

Half-Brother - Trandas (Deceased)


Dagoney Heartstrike was taught by his father to be a stout and hard character,but he still had a sinical and hateful part to him, becoming as entwined to the wilds as any other, for his every waking hour was spent wandering Ashenvale. Until the Sundering. His Mother was taken by a Renegade Sin'Dorei Mage. Dagoney's Father,Drathelean set out to find her,coming back 5 days later with her in his arms and the Sin'dorei's head on his belt. Overtime,Dagoney realised that his mother was indeed pregnant. She soon birthed his half brother. When his parents were murdered by a rampaging abomination at The Battle of Mount Hyjal, Dagoney tried to follow his father's last words. 'Stormwind' and 'The Order'. At first Dagoney Heartstrike thought it was within the guild, The Order, until he was removed from it by deeming that Democracy would not work. By Iana. He spends his waking Hours chuckling about her death. Not long after he joined the Stormwind Militia as Major; Dagoney's brother attacked him in Elwynn forest. In the ensuing battle, his brother was killed by Ramirus. After seeing his friend murdered and the Militia disipate, Dagoney moved into the forest. It was here he finally understood his father's last words. He would sit in Elwynn for hours in blissful peace. Nowadays, The Hunter plans to murder some constant pains, such as Honoria, and to save others.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Heartstrike Family is one of heroes. His Grandmother, on his father's side, was one of the few surviving Sentinels after Tyrande's attack on Azshara. His mother's side have always been devote and brutal warriors, but contain some incredibly distasteful attributes.

Criminal RecordEdit

2 Accounts of Drunken and Disorderly


"I would dare Lady Scarlet to come within an arm's reach of me, but I would prefer it at bow range"

"Peace is nothing without a little bit of excitment"

"Don't make me riddle you with arrows..."


Chaotic Neutral

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit


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