Akako was taken as a young child, and was raised by her captors, locked away in a cellar. Back, during those times, was when she first started having visions. Visions of destruction, suffering. Soon after she escaped, the visions became more vivid and realistic, and, for the first time, she heard words. The words of Sargeras. He ordered her new acolyte to gather followers, and praise his name, who will, in return, receive eternal life and power once the All-Father descends on Azeroth.














Acolyte - The recruit rank. Acolytes may listen to the guildchat, and invite other members after discussing it with either the Harbinger, or a higher ranked member. Acolytes may be expelled from the Cult if they do not abide by the rules.

Disciple - The member rank. They maintain the same rights as Acolytes do, although the majority of the "council" and the Harbinger must agree to remove one, and they can also initiate potential cultists on their own. They may also preach to the public.

Advocate and Crusader - The "Council". At one time, only two Advocates and two Crusaders may be in charge. They are democratically chosen by the Acolytes and the Disciples, although the Harbinger retains his/her right to veto the final decision. These two ranks have the right to recruit, promote, demote, and modify guild information at will - of course, the Harbinger may veto their decisions, as well.

They may preach to the public, and can also serve as substitutes during major events, or as ambassadors. Furthermore, Advocates handle the Cult's diplomatic matters, and organize public preachings, while the Crusaders take care of the guild's enemies, protect the members, and serve as the warrior captains.

Harbinger - The all-powerful leader.

General InformationEdit

Information about public events will be put here once the guild goes official.


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