Name Edit

Cullen Smith Apprentice Blacksmith

Physical Traits Edit

A young man in his early twenties. Looks to be very strong with broad shoulders. Has a serious look upon his face which is highlighted by a deep scar running down from just below his right eye to his jaw. His left eye is brown and his right is sky blue (a result of the gnoll attack which almost blinded him when he was 15 whilst he was visiting Westbrook to assist with shoeing horses). He is aware of the the scar and has become more introverted as time passed. He speaks with a country accent and is somewhat naive of "big city" ways. His weapon of choice is a hammer.

Race and Class Edit

Human, Warrior

Guild Edit

Currently not a member of any guild

Family Edit


Jezry Smith of Elwynn (40 years old). Married Morgen when he was aged 17


Morgen Smith née Chinzal of Moonbrook (39 years old). Married Jezry when she was aged 16

Cullen is the eldest son, born year 3 by the current reckoning (22 years ago) at the farm in Elwynn Forest.


brother Kale born in year 6 (19 years ago)

brother Fergus born in year 8 (17 years ago)

sister Nadia born in year 20 (5 years ago)

Family Background Edit

Jezry Smith inherited his small farmstead from his father when he was 20 years old. It is a small affair dealing with grain and hay – his main business is done with the citizens of Goldshire.

At the age of 14 Cullen was successful in gaining a job as apprentice blacksmith to the skilled human blacksmith Dane Lindgren who operates out of the Dwarven District of Stormwind. For the next six years Cullen worked hard during peace time and war at the forges.

It was during this apprenticeship that he suffered the terrible injury on his face. Whilst travelling back from Westbrook Garrison with details of an order for Master Lindgren, Cullen was set upon by a band of gnolls. He was struck on the face with a crude sword which ripped his flesh from his right eye, over his cheek and down to his mouth. It was luck more than skill which allowed him to escape with his life. When the bandages were finally removed from his wounds his right eye had changed colour from brown to a sky blue and the healer was amazed that he had not lost his sight through it. This took place four years ago.

Since that time Cullen has concentrated upon learning to use the weapons he spent time forging. He has little love for these creatures which invade his homelands.

Cullen is skilled at what he does though he has not much experience of the outside world. He knows the outline of what happened during the war in which he toiled almost night and day at the forges but nothing of the current political and social makeup of the alliance – it is not of any importance to him.

He is aware though of the difficulty for a skilled human to find work these days due to the influx of cheap labour in the form of elfs, dwarves and gnomes. He was not able to set up business himself as a blacksmith thanks to the way that the dwarves all but control the market for ore.

Character Notes Edit

Cullen speaks with a strong accent of the country - it can at times make him difficult to be understood.

Though he is able to craft and use swords he prefers to wield a strong hammer in combat.

Cullen is naive - not stupid or simple.

He is young, idealistic and aware of what he can do with weapons - a dangerous combination at times.

Alternate Characters Edit

The following characters are played by the same person - please do not abuse this OOC information.

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