Information Edit

The guild the Crimson Brethren was a Horde RP guild that had various RP and world PvP events. The guild began to fall apart when the guild master, Nujin left the guild, because he didn't have enough time to lead the guild and arrange events. When he left, he wanted to pass the leadership of the guild to one of it's three officers, Casfála, Karomaz or Feverfew. Casfála didn't wish for it, Karomaz took the leadership for a short moment, but then decided he didn't have the power to lead a guild and so it was given to Feverfew, who couldn't lead it, since Nujin, Karomaz, Casfála, Saeya and Ketarai all left at the same time. The guild still stands though, however now just a guild consisting of some friends with none of the old members.

Old Notable Members Edit

Nujin: The guild master and founder of the guild. Transferred to Moonglade with some of the other members.

Karomaz: Main officer of the guild. Transferred to Moonglade, but returned to Steamwheedle Cartel, currently no longer playing, but will transfer to Blade's Edge when available.

Casfála: Second officer of the guild. Stayed on Steamwheedle Cartel, currently raiding as a member of Unspeakable Destiny.

Feverfew: Third officer of the guild and leader when Nujin left. Stayed on Steamwheedle Cartel, currently a member of Cruel Intention.

Saeya: Loyal member of the guild. Transferred to Moonglade.

Ketarai: Loyal member of the guild. Transferred to Moonglade.


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