The Council of Nobles (also known as House of Nobles and Clerics) is a house of the Assembly of Stormwind. It's members are representatives of each noble house and of each religious order.

The current members of the House of Nobles include:

Lady Arty Alania


House Alania

Lord Chathin

The Silver Hand

Abbot Habeus Demontfort


Scarlet Mission

Lord Kisun Demont

House Demont

Lady Honoria Detol


House Detol

Abbess Xala Klen-Ais

Order of the Sacred Flame

Lady Quintessa Lescovar

House Lescovar

Baron Janner Pike

Baron of Featherbeard, President of the Wild Rose Society and head of the Pike-family (recently included in the House of Nobles, due to Janner Pike's promotion to a Baron).

Lord Nicksonol Severkat

House Severkat

Lady Clareh Shadowspell

House Shadowspell

Count Nathaniel 'Telrunya' Wheeler


House Wheeler

Lord Richeron Withamhall


House Withamhall

Lord Baine Wolfmorth

House Wolfmorth

((Add the ones missing.))

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