Corran ; Second name unknown

Corran (drawing made by Ulgarf's puppeteer ^_^)

Physical TraitsEdit

A pretty muscular human, in his 23s, he prefers to use agility and speed as his main weapon, not always engaging in brute combat, mostly using poison darts, throwing daggers, and silent long-range guns.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Silent Assasin (Rogue)


Defias Outlaws


Silent Assasin


Corran never managed to remember his family, when he was 4 years old, he was found by a man named Harrik, and he raised him until he was 15 years old, when he escaped from Harrik, who was always beating Corran when he was drunk or unpleased about something. The only person Corran has in his life is a Night Elf named Narindala, who he cares about very much.



Criminal RecordEdit

Is wanted by Stormwind watch for assasination, theft, kidnapping.

Personal NotesEdit

Corran is a handsome young human, with a slender body, but with a deadly agility. He's nice to people he knows, but he can be very rude or even dangerous to others, especially to those who interrupt his talks or business. The shadows are his friend, light is his enemy. He'll always use dark corners to evade or hide, and he usually ambushes his targets from rooftops, using the nearby architecture to his advantage.

Current StatusEdit

As a profesional Silent Assasin of the Defias Brotherhood, Corran also executes contracts for other organizations. He recently met a young girl named Narindala, who he cares about very much.


Flintlock - A relative good quality gun, this is a standard issue pistol Corran uses in emergency situations. It's strapped around his right boot.

Assasin's blade - A small, deadly sharp dagger Corran always has strapped to his right wrist.

Other daggers - Corran has many small daggers hidden in his assasin suit.

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