Coltraine 'Brasseye' Raplin

Physical TraitsEdit

Orange beard and ponytail...intense blue eyes

Race and ClassEdit



Neutrality...Coltraine has been reforged in a cold harsh reality of loss and suffering and holds a pragmatic 'undecided' view of the world...deep within his soul his cherished hopes and dreams are intrinsicaly 'lawfull good'...the resulting crisis of conscience greatly troubles Coltraine...and frequently leads to a testing of his faith and sanity.


The 'Mountaineers' 3rd.




Unknown...though Coltraine wears a child's red ribbon with two simple gold wedding bands threaded on it concealed around his neck at all times...


Coltraine answered the call to arms and served several tours in Lordaeron...the days weeks and years have left a deep wound in Coltraine's soul. Hard drinking became a refuge to escape the horrors Coltraine re-lives each night...'Hell is waking up every goddamn day an' not even knowing why ta are here'...'We live as we dream...alone.' Since his arrival in Stormwind Coltraine has reluctantly taken on paternal responsibilities forming a strong friendship with a Gnome rogue, Breville, as a friend and mentor to fellow lost soul...adrift after the loss of his family in Gnomeregan. Coltraine is fiercely loyal and has a generous spirit, his idiosycratic moral code will see him champion the underdog...often with a disregard for his own safety. Coltraine judges others by their deeds or actions...he has seen too much to apply broad labels such as good or evil...Alliance or Horde, but when the call to arms is sounded Coltraine lives by the motto...'look the devil in the eye'...hence his nickname 'Brasseye'.

Family backgroundEdit

Coltraine refuses to speak of his family...although he wears two simple gold bands threaded through a childs ribbon concealed around his neck at all times...this is his single most precious belonging.

Criminal recordEdit

Coltraine has no criminal record...

Personal notesEdit

Coltraine fights the twin personal demons of drink and memory...both are manifest in self destructive behaviours...though with the sense of duty Coltraine feels towards his guild mates a growing sense of self belief has curbed this reliance...Coltraine is slowly facing the demons haunting him. In general demeanor and language Coltraine is polite, courteous and gentlemanly towards others...however rude or insulting behaviour is addressed in a direct forthright manner.

Current statusEdit

Mountaineer Captain...

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