Cerulia Dorlian

Physical TraitsEdit

5'6 she claims to be quite small and has long dark hair she keeps neat in a pony tail. She looks in her mid-sixties (she is really 73)

Race and ClassEdit

Human, warlock


She prefers not to take sides.


Cerulia is not a warlock at all she is a witch (herbalist,alchemest, fortune teller).She is currently working in a small shop in the mage district here she sells fruit and fish, potions and books and will give you an insight of your future for free if you want. She is extremely skilled in making love potions and will give them away free also.


Both her parents were killed in Alterac.


Cerulia was raised and brought up in Alterac's strahnbrad. Her family were killed when the alliance forces marched in. Cerulia only being a child was taken and started a shop in Dalaran with a business partner,at the age of seventeen, the name of her shop was "Bellview and Burke's". Here she trained as an herbalist and an alchemest and learned how to read palms and use magic to see ones fate.

Criminal RecordEdit

she is clean so far

Personal NotesEdit

She loves to help and likes to give things away for free. She is a strong member of the alliance and takes no sides in her cities polotical arguments. She is a strong suporter of the Scarlet mission.

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