Physical TraitsEdit

A dark long beard, which is starting to turn grey with Age finally catching up to him, has a single steel ring holding it. Hes moustache is braided and tied with four steel rings. Brightaxe seldom takes off his armour and weapons. Otherwise a pretty ordinary looking Dwarf.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf Paladin


Brightaxe is an Axe of Sacrifice of Axe and Anvil


A Miner and an Engineer.


Rathram Brightaxe is the son of Rathgar Brighthammer and Elone Brightaxe. No other known relatives exist.


Rathram Brightaxe was born in Aerie Peak, soon after the Wildhammer clan had first built it. At first he was instructed by his father to become a blacksmith, but soon his interest in making weapons and armour diminished and he turned his interest towards engineering, upon meeting a gnome from Gnomeregan who gave him a mechanical squirrel as a present. As most Dwarves, he is still passionate about mining.

As the Scourge invaded Azeroth his father was on a trip to Lordaeron. Fate brought him at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was killed by the first hordes of Undead that came upon the world. His mother lost her mind when she heard what had happened, and the body of her husband was never returned to her. A week later she took her own life. Rathram saw her death, but could not do much to help her. He can never forget who and what caused the death of both her parents.

Rathram had not had much time to study, for he had spent most of his time working at the forges of Aerie Peak. After losing both of his parents, he fled the Peak in grief and fury, woved to avenge their deaths. He travelled south, and found himself many months later in Ironforge. There he learned history and the ways of the Light, but the priests of the Temple saw he would never become a priest himself. Too much anger still lingered inside of him. The priests then gave him in the hands of the first Dwarven Paladins.

Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit



Rathram Brightaxe is loyal most of all to the Light and the Temple, but anyone in the Light is considered a friend. If that said person slays the Undead, he will hold in the highest regard. Sole exception being the Scarlets, whom he holds deep grudges against.

Current Status Edit

He can be found at many places, but recently he has spent alot of time at the Plaguelands with the Argent Dawn.

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