Name Edit

Breville Bonario D'Orsini

Physical Traits Edit

Young, pink hair, pink shirt and broad smile.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome Rogue

Guild Edit

Gnomish Uprising

Occupation Edit



Ma Bellis

Cousin Bottlebank


Brevile was born during a traumatic night escape from Gnomeregan and was raised by his Ma Bellis in Ironforge. Life was hard as an exile and the young Breville rebelled running away from home to seek his fame and fortune...however Breville soon learned just how harsh and cruel the world could be. Following Breville's fateful encounter with the 'Uprising' Breville has learnt to focus his youthfull energy and sparkling wit...and with new found discipline and maturity Breville seeks to fulfill a valued role within the guild and repay the faith of his peers. Breville struggles with an innate stubborn moral code 'thank's ma'...and will champion the underdog, downtrodden or oppressed instinctively. With this 'new' found maturity Breville has reconciled with his Ma...settled all of his outstanding fines...and completed his community service in Ironforge. Breville remains a naieve trusting young rogue...tempered by a fierce loyalty and a generous spirit...'when i'm good, i'm very good...when i'm bad, i'm better' an important lesson life has taught's not how weak you's what makes you strong'for Breville this is friends family and deep dark shadows and a sense of purpose. Breville's personal motto...'i can resist anything...except temptation'

Family Background Edit

Refuggee's from Gnomeregan

Criminal Record Edit

Numerous and varied...from infancy to present date (robbery, theft, extortion, smuggling, and assault) though threats of severe legal sanctions from the authorities in Stormwind, Darnassus and Ironforge have coincided with new found maturity and sense of civic responsibility that have tempered Breville's impulsive nature.

Personal Notes Edit

Favourite colours: pink and purple

Breville is a vegetarian

Current Status Edit

Senator of Gnomish Uprising

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