Lieutenant of the Westguard 4th Infantry Squad(s), Lieutenant Bolvan Truestrike


Corporal Truestrike

Physical TraitsEdit

Medium sized Grey hair. Heavy Armored armor (Mostly Valor set is seen now on Bolvan, his Long sword stays with him most of the time. Scars run down his arm's and back, showing how they are old war scars.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, War veteran. Paladin, Crusader.


Westguard Keep.

Lieutenant of the Westguard Keep 4th platoon.


Westguard Keep Lieutenant


None Known


Born in Lordaeron in the mighty city of Stratholme. He was always a 'decent' fighter and became a Captain during the Second and Third war. During both Wars he never faltered to kill an enemy or deny a request from his leaders.

Now he resides as a Lieutenant of the Westguard keep, using his skills to help them as much as he can.

Criminal RecordEdit

None Known

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Corporal of the Westguard keep in Northrend and fighting the enemy's of the alliance.

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