Name Edit


Physical Traits Edit

The Sin'dorei known as Bloodguarde is a swift and agile looking man. He walks with a certain fluidity that is hard not to miss. His face, although rugged and tanned, does display smooth skin and quick and lively eyes. The bottom half of his face is covered by a golden-weaved Bandit Mask.

His hair is greying, possibly from stress, however much of it retains its jet black colour. He speaks with a deep and melodic voice. It booms through rooms and has a certain edge to it, this is apparent when he trails off the current conversation.

He sports a Warlock (by trade) robe, possibly to show the misgivings of the “Blood Elf” ways.

A small dagger is attached to his belt, while a large butcher knife to the other side of the belt. He holds dozens of sticks of dynamites underneath his belt.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei Rogue (Insurgent)

Guild Edit

The Peoples Voice

Occupation Edit

Bloodguarde – leader of The Peoples Voice. Wanted felon.


Father (Unknown)

Mother (Unknown)

Siblings (Unknown)

Background Edit

Bloodguarde was recently sighted robbing rich men and raiding Magisterial controlled businesses. Not much is known about him.

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

Bloodguarde is wanted for countless crimes. From petty thievery, to murder and treason.

Personal Notes Edit

He is slightly eccentric and has a tendency to trail off on his conversations – getting sidetracked by himself. He is the alter-ego of Alvalash Galandel

Current Status Edit

Recruting for The Peoples Voice.

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