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Physical TraitsEdit

Blackhammer has a black hair. He also has a recently trimmed moustache.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin


Anduin Wrynn Royal Guard


Blackhammer has chosen blacksmithing and mining as occupation. He's not officialy part of a mining or blacksmithing organisation, but works independantly. In order to support his adventures he also dabbles in first aid, fishing and cooking.


The only living relative of Blackhammer is his mother, who lives near Northshire Abbey.


The family of Blackhammer originally hailed from Lordaeron, but Blackhammer never knew his father. He fought as a knight during the First Great War and died by Orcish hands whilst he helped defending Stormwind. His mother was grief-struck because she lost her husband and could not visit her husbands grave. It was only after the Alliance of Lordaeron had conquered the lands back again that she and her son could make the journey. When people started to rebuild Stormwind, she decided it was in the best interest of her son to stay in this city in order to keep the memory of his father alive. This difficult journey was almost twarthed when their little caravan was attacked by a group of trogs. Luckily a local patrol of dwarfs came by at the right time and saved the lives of young Blackhammer and his mother. This perilous journey went on to become a turning moment in their life. Soon after they moved to Northshire Abbey (as close as possible to the father's grave) the plague took the lands of Lordaeron and all their other relatives. All the grief and darkness that surrounded Blackhammer led him to believe he had to take an active part in the world. He did not want to cut wood or work the land. He felt he was destined for something bigger. Despite the fears and worries of his mother, he started out to train as a Paladin. His final goal is to avenge his family by fighting the Scourge and Orcish horde.

After being applauded by King Varian Wrynn due to quests concerning "the missing diplomat", he got accepted into the Anduin Wrynn Royal Guard. He protects the life and honour of young Anduin Wrynn.

Family BackgroundEdit

His father was a knight during the First Great War, but got killed during the final battle for Stormwind. Some years later the plague took the rest of the family in Lordaeron This impoverished Blackhammer and his mother. This is the reason why Blackhammer took up mining and blacksmithing as professions. This was the only way to make sure he could have good weapons and armour. One of his aunts seems to have been a known cook in Lordaeron.

Personal NotesEdit

Blackhammer tries to be helpful where he can, as long as it aids the Light. He is imperative in his views that the Scourge and the Horde should be demolished by the Alliance. Peace is no option. Blackhammer solely uses the name Blackhammer in order to honour his father. He sees no need to diversify.

Current StatusEdit

Blackhammer is training around human and dwarven lands in order to become strong enough for the battle against the Scourge and the Horde.