I am the one horseman..of the apocalypse!

Name Edit

Baron (Laurence) Dreadchill, self proclaimed lord of evil, would-be death knight.

Physical Traits Edit

A pale skinned man, with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, black markings are painted on his eyes. Dresses in the "Junior Death knight" Uniform.

Race and Class Edit

Male Human Death Knight..*cough* *ahem*

Guild Edit

The Scourge! Well, Dreadchill wants to be in the scourge.

Occupation Edit

Baron, leader of the two inch high skeletons, and would-be Death Knight.

Family Edit


Background Edit

Laurence is a baron, a rather silly baron, who thinks that being a death knight is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Dreadchill, as he now calls himself, sent a letter to Naxxramas, requesting that he may become a Death Knight, however, after seeing his laughable talents as a Death Knight, his application form was turned down.

Current Status Edit

Dreadchill has traveled to Stormwind, and is preparing to take over the city, with his almighty powers.

Abilities Edit

  • Various low level corruption spells, which Dreadchill "just doesn't get".
  • Death coil, however, Dreadchill's death coils are somewhat...underwhelming.
  • Summoned Skeletons, Dreadchill can summon skeletons from the remains of any creature, these skeletons can range from one to two inches high!
Tiny skeleton

Muahahaha! They will all bow before me!