Lanai 'Babyskin' Stonestar.

She would like to go by Lanai, but somehow the name Babyskin just stuck when her siblings decided to call her that soon after her birth.

Physical TraitsEdit

Lanai looks somehow even younger than her age, 18, would suggest. She has big curious eyes set into a pale face. Two marks run down underneath her eyes adding to her innocent look. In her Night Elf form she is somewhat clumsy and awkward but when she is in her feline shape she transforms into an elegant surefooted creature at ease with her surroundings.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Feral Druid


Mining / Skinning


Coming soon


Babyskin was born into the Stonestar family about 18 years ago. Brought up with the tales of her parents and siblings about the wars and sacrifices they made, she has always felt like an outsider. Consequently she withdrew into herself and spent a lot of time among the animals that lived in the woods around her ancestral home. Her parents encouraged her connection with nature but did not notice it getting out of hand until the summer of her 15th birthyear. She was spending almost all her time in her feline form and starting to exhibit wild behaviour. Alarmed by this her parents sent her off to see Althea, a druid at the Temple of the Moon who had experience with cases like these. Althea spent almost two years with Babyskin, teaching her about the importance of balance between the different parts within herself. Satisfied that she had taught her enough Althea sent Babyskin back to her parents who promptly suggested she spend some time in Stormwind with her aunt Alaya, worried that if she stayed in Teldrassil she would revert to her old behaviour.

Family BackgroundEdit

Parents and older siblings fought in the battle against Archimonde.

Personal NotesEdit

  • Prefers the company of animals to that of people
  • Has a childlike innocence and her naivety often elicits weird looks or laughter
  • She does not keep pets, but has the ability to call on different animal companions

Current StatusEdit

Currently residing with her aunt in Stormwind. She has recently joined the prestigious Stormwind Academy and has been seen poring over one book or another in various locations in order to catch up on her studies. When she is not reading a book you might find her walking with a stack of them on her head in order to improve her posture. In addition she has taken up elocution lessons after her aunt mentioned she heard a bit too much 'grrr' in her speech.


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