Name Edit

Böbe Wolftongue (Böb)

Physical Traits Edit

Orc Hunter

Guild Edit

Undone, later established the Tears of Blood

Occupation Edit

Champion of the Horde

Background, Family Background Edit

Böbe was born in Draenor, dragged to Azeroth by her parents following the cursed call of the Burning Legion. They have died in the first war, leaving their infant child alone to be found by humans.
Her miserable journey started here. She was sold to a circus to be held in a cage as a part of a freak-show. The way she escaped her flea and lice infected prison is close to a miracle: over the years she learned to communicate with the wolves kept in cages near hers and uniting their strength they managed to escape.
Next time she was spotted years later, after the city of Orgrimmar started to grow. She was proud and enthusiastic seeing the orcs' city getting bigger and stronger day by day. She spent her time hunting down her hated enemies and helping the horde where she could.
The disappointment came years after Orgrimmar grew big and strong. Seing Thrall's inablity to answer the Alliance's aggression and the orcs' indifference towards the humans crossing their lands, she decided to find a home amongs the forsaken. Their ever-glowing hate towards the alliance, fast and brutal counter-strikes against the intruders compelled her.
Near the time she was ranked Champion for her fighst against the Alliance, she had a chance to meet Sylvanas, who granted her the right to ride their undead seed, showing that she was one of them. Some months later she disappeared, leaving no tracks or clue...


((OOC: Sorry for my bad English, i'm not a native))


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