Height 6’7ft

Age 2677

She is just above average height for a night elf, unlike her sister she bares no markings on her face, she has cyan coloured hair which reaches down to her chest and is usually seen in two pigtails, she like most hunters has befriend an animal of the wild in the form an ashenvale bear called Mie, she has a spiritual link with her pet, she is very rarely seen smiling and prone to crying fits, she is usually seen talking to her sister or training with Slyvina, she wields a bow, two handed sword, spear, staff or two hand Axes

she was younger than her sister May and preferred to be away from people, reasons unknown but she found Mie as an abandoned cub and cared for her, they grew up together as companions. after the battle of hyjal her and her sister joined the group for shelter as their parents both died in the battle of Hyjal

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