Dame Aurélie du Savour, Grand Master of The Hospitalors of Stormwind and Lady to The Stormwind Crusaders

Coat of ArmsEdit

Aury Crest

the motto under the shield says "Schwert der Demokratie" which translates to "Sword of Democracy"

Since Aurélie does not have any family that she knows about, her Coat of Arms is dedicated to all that she has achieved on her own.

The red cross on the white background depicts her time as order superior and Lady to The Stormwind Crusaders , the white cross on the black background is for when she left the crusader's and formed The Hospitalors of Stormwind , the white cross on red background is for when she went on her quests and left the order in the hands of the Seneschal Nicksonol and the black cross on white background depicts what is left to come

Physical TraitsEdit

She has long blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. She also always makes sure that her orders colours are never dirty. You will never see her drink an alcoholic beverage whilst wearing her tabard.

Aurélie is usually seen trying to defend warlocks against most who do not listen.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Female, paladin.


The Hospitalors of Stormwind


Grand Master of The Hospitalors of Stormwind

Artisan enchanter and tailor.

She also passed her Doctrine exam and is now a qualified physician.

Ex servant girl, to Lord and Lady Beaumanor


Family are unknown, abandoned at birth.

Grew up the servant girl to Lord and Lady Beaumanor, up until there sad death. Aurélie has an adopted sister,Ishirra. She was also taken in by Lord and Lady Baeumanor. Ishirra is the only close tie to her history that she has left.

Aurélie is now currently trying to sort out her future wedding to her fiancé Atheos.


Aurélie was the servant girl to Lord and Lady Beaumanor, up until their demise by the plague.

After the family Chaplain took her from the house, the chaplain provided a warm place to live, he would collect food for them and Aurélie would make his preaching robes and robes for the local villagers that would come and ask the chaplain for guidance. It was obvious to the chaplain that Aurélie had contracted the plague herself, she started to die in the old chaplains arms.


The chaplain at this stage did the most sacrificing thing he could do to save the young child, he called upon the light and prayed that Aurélie would survive, a beacon of light shot out of his mouth and passed into Aurélie’s, the chaplain died instantly but Aurélie woke up with a new life. She was 11 at this time.

Aurélie spent 3 months hiding in an abbey trying to find food and water so that she might live seeing as the chaplain had died and she had not been trained to fend for herself.

During this time, a Paladin decided that he would enter this abbey to say his daily prayer, he happened to find Aurélie cowering in a corner trying to keep warm; he took her under his wing and decided that he would trainer her up as his apprentice.

At the tender age of 17 he let her out into the world, as a follower of the light.

On her first day out and about on her own she was asked by another paladin if she would help his crusade, unsure what this meant she joined reluctantly, becoming a founding member of The Stormwind Crusaders

After the first week in this order she managed to show courage and humility. She was promoted to second in command and was ordained as the orders first Lady.

After a few months she found her friend Ishirra, she had grown into a very strong and courageous warrior, shocked at seeing Aurélie as a follower of the light after what had happened to the Lord and Lady, Ishirra sent a fellow member of her Guild to keep an eye on Aurélie and make sure she was safe.

Ishirra asked Atheos to keep an eye on Aurélie, but after a month, a spark happened between the two of them as they started to court each other. It was a big shock to all concerned how could a paladin of the light fall in love with a warlock, but Atheos was no ordinary warlock, he was also a humble man, who believed in the light.

After aiding in the wars that happened in this time, and trying her damnedest to ensure safety to all she could she decided that she would try and command her own order. The Hospitalors were born through this.

Originally to become a second line of defence for the crusaders, the Hospitalors eventually grew in strength to become a full order. They would go to anywhere that aid was needed, communication lines were set up and aid was shipped and delivered to these areas.

After a while a warrior proved himself to Aurélie by the name of Nicksonol, he was a man of honour and dignity. After a short while she made him Seneschal to the order. since this decision was made the order has only benefited even more. More Squires would join the Order and more and more people would feel the benefit of the Hospitalors.

To be continued...

Criminal RecordEdit

No criminal records have ever been traced to this woman

Personal NotesEdit

She is unsure at the moment about the current affairs surrounding the boy king, she still will not believe that king Varian is dead. After seeing firsthand what those who protect the boy king are doing, she has started to mistrust the council of light, believing that they are somehow corrupted.

Current StatusEdit

She is normally spotted amongst the auction house, cathedral and park. Most of the time she is making things for her order, but if someone does get her attention she will always speak.

But at the moment she is very annoyed with the Scarlet Missionary as after helping them in their aid to fight the scourge, by donating some enchantments to them, the scarlet’s decided that they would attack a person the order was protecting.

Also for some reason only known to them, they have taken at spitting at her, unsure whether this is the way that they show there affections, or if this is there way of thanking generous people well will never know. Only time will tell if the Scarlet Missionary ever manage to find there way back into the light.