Aswini Wildfire

Physical and Social TraitsEdit

A blue haired night elf, with the markings of black raven wings around her eyes. She is always silent and cold to strangers, but can be kind and helpfull, specially to those she calls "Friends".

Her body is strong and very agile and her eyes glow with the instinct of a wild animal.

Race and ClassEdit

Female Night Elf. Hunter (Assasin).


The Dark Embrace


Member of The Order of Death in The Dark Embrace


Father: Teredim, Mother: Eranela, Brother: Theldrom


She is known to have lead a group of sentinels to siege Jaedenar, but after that she suddently disappeared and nobody have seen her until she returned about 30 years later.

She was believe to have been killed in the battle at Lakeshire between The Embrace and Starlight, but has been spotted appearing on the streets of Stormwind and Southshore.

Family BackgroundEdit

The family lived in the village of Jaedenar, Teredim and Eranela died there. Theldrom disappeared short after and have never been seen since.

Criminal RecordEdit

Murders = ?

Assist in escape from prison = 3

Escape from prison = 1

Times caught = 1

Personal NotesEdit

She is cold minded in any dangerous situation. She is confident in her own abilities and not afraid to use them.

Other InformationEdit

She is known to be a member of the organization The Dark Embrace.


Neutral Evil and True Neutral