Lord Armos Bloodtotem

Physical Traits

Armos is at the age of 44 having seen more than most in his lifetime his face is rough and weatherbeaten often seen parading around Orgrimmar wearing a black robe, also often carrying an Orb or stave.

Race & Class

Taurahe Hunter


None - Exiled from the land of the living.


The life of Armos Bloodtotem had never been an easy one belonging to one of the last tribes of Stonetalon the Hawktalon Tribe his father being the Chieftan they faced many attacks from Grimtotem raiders and Elves from the northern peaks. On such paticular raid the whole village was wiped out in a cart Armos and a few remaining Tauren fled to the Troll encampment of Malaka'jin where they sought refuge with the Troll Headhunters soon after Chief Cairne Bloodhoof and his wandering Tribe the Bloodhoof came through Stonetalon. Cairne saved the remaining Tauren and after many battles took them to the Tauren's new land, Mulgore. Armos then was known as a simple game hunter, killing rogue Plainstriders when he was hungy or going for something a little more challenging other times. By the time Armos was around 14 in Age one of Armos's brothers appeared, only for a short time perhaps but Arus Bloodtotem is possibly what gave Armos the spark to make possibly what today might be considered one of the greatest protectors in Kalimdor, The Bloodhoof Guardians. After many fights Armos mangaged to get a proper functioning society within the Guardians with the help of Mordo and Margok, and many others. Soon after Armos decided Kalimdor was not enough for protection and put the Chiefship in the capable hands of Ktalard Stronghoof. Armos then went off to the Highlands of Arathi and formed the Bloodtotem Pirates, which tried as it might failed in Protecting the border between Khaz Modan and Lordaeron. After this defeat Armos was a rogue, wandering from one guild to the next and slowly insanity gripped him, for at one such raid to Auberdine Armos was drawn to the Blackfathom Deeps where he was greeted by some of the Twilight Disciples, they accepted him as a Disciple and he learnt about the Old Gods and their ways, that is when the Demonic madness crept in Armos went renegade and parted with his fellow Disciples, went to Orgrimmar and formed the Sect of Twilight, where through the madness in his heart, sacrafices public preachings and even murder were involved. Eventually Armos's heart could bear the strain no longer he was last seen on the top of a cliff in the Barrens raving about the Burning Legion would come and devour the world. This was the last time anyone saw him alive, people say that when he died a Wolf, Armos's wolf howled and the whole Barrens heard the howl and a fire lit up in the Old Village in Stonetalon.


All are dead but it is rumored he has a son.

Current status


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