Lady Arlana Menthon (renamed herself for her own safety)

Physical TraitsEdit

Arlana is a strong, petite woman with a muscular almost masculine build. Her figure has been honed by decades of training and fighting. She has shoulder length blonde hair which is kept in a tidy bob cut. She has eyebrow and nose piercings. She is mostly spotted in her golden armour which is kept highly polished. She always looks tidy and precisely presented.


She claims to be 36 though she looks much younger.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin




Arlana is a Paladin of The Argent Dawn. She is stationed in the decayed Plaguelands, but often takes her leave from duty in Stormwind.

Family BackgroundEdit

Arlana's family history is a closely guarded secret, as is her real identity.


She keeps her background very quiet as well as her family information. She is happy to discuss her years in training, but nothing earlier than that will be shared.

Personal NotesEdit

Arlana is a very kind, helpful woman. She rarely uses the word 'no'. She lives to serve the Light and her fellow man through the Light. She can often be naive with her belief in others. She strongly believes that the Light is in all of us and will prevail - only faith is required. She is a lawful and upstanding citizen. She has been known to sacrifice herself for others, even strangers. Recently she saved a young, dying woman called Karina by 'taking her place'. Much to the surprise and shock of those present, she healed Karina, then a complete stranger, even though it cost her dearly - even to her own detriment.

Current StatusEdit

Dead, killed by Nemaki.