Theramore Official Census, File #286Edit


Arissian Terram

Physical TraitsEdit

Average sized human male.Shoulder-length, dark brown hair, some facial hair.Leen build. Slightly tanned, coarse, dry skin.


Apprentice Mage, Stormwind Acadamey of Arcane Arts.


Son of Launa and Willan Terram. No siblings.


Born in the port-town of Crestfall, Kul Tiras. Procured a posistion as a cabin boy aboard a war-ship heading towards Kalimdor during the war with the Burning Legion. The ship's captain noticed his innate arcane talent while he was working onboard. Arrissian was taken as an apprentice by one of the landing parties mages and trained in Theramore.

Family BackgroundEdit

Mother and Father are both nationals of Kul Tiras. Family owns a small fishing trawler and run a fishmongers buisness. His father runs trawler, his mother is a full-time housewife. No military history within immediate family, all known grand-parents are deceased.

Personal NotesEdit

Talent dealing with the arcane arts has increased considerably during the years Arissian has spent under my tuition. He apears to have a natural aptitude for the school of frost magic. Following some recent, rather unsettling, events here in Theramore I have decided to transfer Arissian to the Stormwind Acadamey of the Arcane Arts for further training, hopefully keeping my student out of the way of the troubles we are having with desrters and the rather violent new "king" of Stormwind. Needless to say, Arissian has been left in good hands and I hope to hear from him soon.

<Submitted by Iltheron Frostdawn, 27th November>

Current StatusEdit

Training at the Acadamey of Arcane Arts in Stormwind. Currentl living in lodgings in the Dwarven District.

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