Alliancecrest small Anyviel Ravenwind
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Age Deceased
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation House Ravenwind
Occupation Former Sentinel
Status Dead
Relative(s) Celorfir Ravenwind (mate)
Norbrimbor Ravenwind (son)
Nouala Ravenwind (daughter)
Maradith Nightsong (sister)

Name, race and classEdit

Anyviel Ravenwind, Night Elf Druid (used to be a Sentinel, but took up the druid way after the battle of Mount Hyjal)

Status Edit

Dead, buried near the ruins of Ravenwind in Feralas.

Equipment Edit

Anyviel carries a strange amulet on a collar around her neck. It is a round Ironwood plate with a stylized Raven engraved on the front. On the flip side is a strangely coloured gemstone (a Shadow Gem, commonly used to protect against Fell energies).

Description Edit

Anyviel Ravenwind is the clan matriarch of the Ravenwind family, and the mother of Nouala and Norbrimbor Ravenwind.

She still lives in the family home in Auberdine though the loss of her eldest child Norbrimbor has driven her to madness. She has completely secluded herself in her house and refuses any contact with her surviving child or anyone besides her trusted servants.

She has recently dissapeared from the Auberdine house, apparently taking the shape of a great cat to elude the Sentinels guarding the house.

Nouala found her mother in Feralas near the ruins of the Ravenvind familys ancestral home. The two spoke, and Anyviel made it clear, that she intends to live out the rest of her life as a cat.

A few weeks later, Nouala and Blueleaff were attacked by Anyviel in an insane state in Feralas. Attempts to resolve the situation failed, and Nouala and Blueleaff were forced to kill Anyviel (aided by some of Feathermoons Sentinels).
((See The Search and The Battle for details.))

/Nouala 13:32, 11 March 2009 (UTC)