Anothar Dawnstrider.

Physical TraitsEdit

Anothar is a Sin' Dorei who reached adulthood, his body being pretty muscular, his long crimson hair falling on his shoulders. Tough a bit pale, Anothar is a handsome Blood Elf.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf, Mage (priest)


Currently none.




The Dawnstrider family is a noble one, most of it's members being magisters or honorable Blood Knights. The Dawnstrider estate lies in Fairbreeze Village. When Anothrar returned from the Second war where he was used as a strategist, he became a Magister, like his father, altough his brother decided to take the path of the Blood Knights.


Not much is known about Anothar, only that he was raised along his family and lived a happy childhood. Studied advanced Arcane Arts at the Silvermoon Arcane University, and became Magister at a relative young age.

Criminal RecordEdit


Current StatusEdit

Usually found walking the streets of Silvermoon with a calm, happy, but stern face.