For most of the year, the Order of the Silver Hand spends it's time fighting the enemies of Stormwind and her provinces. Enemies such as the Scourge, and Ragnaros. However, once a year, the Order holds the Annual Order of the Silver Hand Ball.

The Annual Order of the Silver Ball is an annual black tie event held at the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus around May of each year. The first such event, held in May 2006, was a huge success, attracting as many as three hundred.

The event is usually by invitation only, and you either need to be invited by a Knight of the Order, or be a member of an invited Guild or Organisation to attend. The exclusivity of the event, coupled with the rarity of the invites lead to it's organiser, Rysla Ravenclaw, being offered money in exchange for an invite.

Whispers of a Follow Up?Edit

Rysla has often considered organising a follow up party, and has even gone so far as to advertise a Barn Dance to celebrate the defeat of the Scourge. However, his recent promotion to High Lord within the ranks of the Silver Hand have kept him too busy to go any further, and at the moment, it looks like the next ball will be next May.

However, in late November, Rysla announced the first Winter's Veil Ball. Scheduled to be held December 28th 2006, the Winter's Veil Ball will hopefully eclipse the achievements of the Annual Order of the Silver Hand Ball, and allow the denizens of Azeroth to celebrate Winters Veil.