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Alurien Darkblad

Physical Traits Edit

Alurien is tall muscular night elf. Medium length lavenda hair that covers her face and hangs down over her jet black eyes. Her skin has a pale grey hue that darkens in the shadows. Ears longer than normal with wide openings and dressed with small earrings made of Jade and Pearls. A long scar starts at her right eye and follows the line of her chin going down her neck and under her breastplate. Her femine features are hard to distinguished under the clean leather garments she dawns. Hands that are as smooth as a new bornly child on the backside but the inside of the palms are of thick skin from years of labor with weapons. Long muscular legs only half covered with leather chaps exposing the smooth skin on the inside and lower portion of the legs. A pair of leather boots are laced tightly to her feet although the line between the boots and skin is almost unnoticable. A shy smile is on her face as it appears that she is both looking and not looking at you.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf (kaladorei) Some call Alurien a Rogue, others call her a Prostitute, common thief, assassin, street beggar, body guard or locksmith.

Guild Edit

It is rumored Alurien is has once had a loose tie to a group of tradesman under the banner of "Phoenix Ascendary" After the death of the Phoenix it is not known who Alurien is aligned with as she wears no outer signs of allegiance. She is said to be working at times for an academic academy based in Stormwind.

Occupation Edit

Her occupation depends heavily on what can be gained from such a job. Her work changes daily on what can be benefitted.


Both her parents were killed by a Horde Assassin who later enslaved her.

A daughter did exist but who was slain by a vengeful Stormwind lord for past crimes commited against him by the Rogue Alurien. The daughter was survived by 3 children and only 3 people know who those children are for thier protection from Aluriens enemies.

Background Edit

An ancient elven scroll was found blotted and stained with blood. A seal of the order of historians for the long past ancient group of Darnassas. The story inside the scroll is a recount of a personnel memoir written from a little known famous assassin and thief, one who used her body as a potent lure for her blades. The annotations of her life are best left understood in her own words......Some loss of meaning may be lost in the translation.....

          • remembering to the day my life began I know think should be painful but atlas it is not. I was a young happy elven child of 13 years on the day a strange human entered our elven lands. The elven rangers said they had watched him enter from the north walking slowly not hiding any movements nor when he was approached did he show any ill will towards anyone. This stranger turned out to be one of the best theatrical performers I have ever known, but at that time he even fooled the old elven wise men in our village. When he was close to our village he was attacked by a group of young elven warriors who had turned evil under the tainted teachings of zealous paladin of the Scarlet order. The stranger was beaten badly and was found by an elderly elven woman. She brought this stranger to my mother a steward of the house of Athelion and head healer of the sect. My mother attended to his wounds and that same night told my father that he had serious injuries inside for his body was tone and very little new wounds existed on his body. I asked her what she meant of new wounds. She stated that the stranger had many scars, some of which from where they were on his body made him a walking miracle as she had seen many young soldiers die under her service as healer to Thrall the great orcish warrior during the forgotten war. My father was also a soldier under Thrall and after that war he laid down his arms forever swearing an oath to never again draw his blade was now a simple elvish farmer. His skill was known by the elders in the village but the young elvish warriors and rangers would always laugh and squawk at him as we passed in our simple wagon. A once great man now the second to his wife they would say.....but i wander away from the stranger....

After a few days the stranger awoke from his sleep and got dressed very early one morning and went out to the fields where my father was working. Without saying a word he just started to help my father in the fields. The stranger spoke some far off tongue and appeared to have little knowledge of our language but understood the land my father would say. I would play and watch the two work for hours not saying anything to each other but complimenting each other perfectly. Then the day arrived...... My father was working in the fields when an Elven General and three of his personnel guards arrived at our farm. They summoned my father from the fields and the stranger followed him out of what seemed just a chore. I hid myself the best i could but could easily tell the warriors could detect me very easily. The General spoke to my father........Agranan my old friend and protector...You should hold the post I have today but yet you sow this field as well as you wielded your blade in battle. I regret I must come here for I know and understand the vow you took, but the council of elders needs your help. No other elf in this vale has the experience that you posses of the underside of the great Spire and the daughter of our elven lord has been kidnapped by the dwarfs that lie deep in the bowels of that mountain. I know you have a friendship with their leader and it is asked that you go to him and see what can be done to retrieve the princess. My father looked at the General going through his mind on why he took the vow never to fight but with the saddest look I have ever seen on the taught man he just nodded yes.......The nameless stranger looked towards my dad and then before even the great speed of the elven warriors could draw their blade the stranger leaped and twisted planting his simple farming hoe deep into the throat of the might General. I could not believe what i was seeing, the stranger seemed to leap from the falling Generals body towards the Captain to his right parrying his way through the captains weapons landing on his chest then with some unseen weapon he slashed the throat of the elven warrior. My father turned in an instant only to see the stranger standing over the third corpse the last of the two elven protectors of the Great War hero who was one of the only two Elves ever promised Sanctity under the house of Thrall, my father being the other. At that moment I saw something in my fathers eye I had never seen before, Anger. With some words spoken from his mouth a mound of dirt appeared before the front door of our house and two swords covered in dirt flew towards my fathers hands......Then the second point in the fall of my family mother appeared at the door. What the under races never understand is that actions such as these normally take time to happen but with elven reflexes and speed they take a mere moment in time, seconds. That day I learned that at least some of the human kind had learned our elven ways. I did not myself see it until it was too late and hearing my father scream did I notice the flicker in the air, so small was the glint I nearly missed it. My mother came to the door at the exact moment in time for the glint to hit her on her tender breast and disappear under her cloak......She fell to the ground and from what i know never rose from that spot again. The stranger pulled his dirty cloak over his heads and placed his arms low to his side and I could barely make out something in both of his hands. Now I watched and in the horror of but moments I saw what appeared to be impossible. I had heard the tales of my father from the elders, of his blades, his speed and skill but that all seemed but a dream. My father charged the stranger but he somehow seemed to be faster than my father. I did not think that was possible, this human an underrate did everything just a little bit better than my father, a great weapons master, an elven hero, a trusted friend of the great Warchief Thrall. The stranger spun in under my father ever so lightly he made a very small cut into my father's leg. A wound that a flying bee could have bested but something was wrong. My fathers' leg seemed to be losing strength and he fell to the ground. The stranger stopped his assault and went and took my fathers blades from as well as my fathers' bracelet which held a similar emblem to the swords my father had called forth. My father lay there on the ground barely able to move looking at me moving his lips to say run but i could not....I was stuck in awe of what I had just seen...yes I say awe, there were no tears, no great emotions that I can remember just a stunned little girl who had just seen a single HUMAN man kill 5 great elves who had proven themselves battle worthy in the great forgotten war. The stranger then walked to me and in perfect high Drow told me to move and follow him. Again wonder took me. The elders had said many times it was impossible for the under races to learn our tongue, it was beyond their abilities given them from the great Titans and yet this one spoke the language better than me, much more articulate, better selection of words than I would ever think. We traveled the roads for many months stopping in villages here and there. The stranger who still had never given me his name I now called Theilion after the legendary elven sword master who was rumored to have trained Thrall himself. I wandered many years with this stranger watching him take many jobs from nobles to assassinate their leaders and still even though he had more gold than most of the nobles of any city, would go into the streets and pick the pockets of other thieves and the poor. On the eve of my 20th year the stranger taught me how to pick the pockets of passers by and then on that same eve took the innocence of sex from me. I hated him for this, but he taught me a new trick that I was a woman and that everywhere we went men looked at me and would do many things for me. I could get closer to my prey with a smile or sultry look. I became a very adept thief in the bars allowing the richer nobles to go farther in their pleasures to fatten the take I received from their wallets. After a time I took this game into amusement, after all we are sensual beings. For 15 years we traveled the lands and I was forced in each new settlement to learn their tongue perfectly. One day we arrived in the great human city of Stormwind and Theilion had placed a marker on me as a slave of his with the guards so that no noble would come close to me. He somehow managed to spread with just a whisper that I was to be pushed away from every bar and brothel in the city. He then took me to a cheese shop and sold me for a time to a cheese merchant to do his biddings until he came to fetch me again. As he left he handed me a dagger and told me this possession alone was mine and the merchant would not dare to take it from me. When he returned if I did not have it he would use his dagger to skin me alive and cast me out into a sandstorm. That dagger became my teacher. A slave wandering the streets wielding a dagger with a handle laidened with gold and a pure thorium blade and a large ruby at the hilt to balance it perfectly. Many street urchins wanted that dagger and if I was not always in the company of the merchant they would have killed me for it. Now let me start with this merchant of cheese. Theilion was unknown to any but yet his rumors where famous, the merchant himself was feared by all and respected by Theilion. This meant he was much more than he seemed. That fact came to be true. One night while he was taking his pleasures with me he picked up my dagger and told me it was time I learned how to use it or not only would I die at the hands of Theilion he would as well. That dagger was the payment received by the hand of Thrall himself for the death of a great Elven weapons master Agranan. Once again shock took me and out of anger I attacked the merchant who easily moved from my attack slamming me hard into the back wall then using my dagger put it my ear and slowly cut a line in my skin down to my bare breast. I made no sound but the inrushing air to the wound was the most pain I had ever felt in my life.....There is your first lesson he said. The slower the cut the more pain and the least amount of mercy shown... But only show mercy if it deserved other than that only kill fast because it waste your talents to kill slow. Shortly afterwards the merchant sent me the weapons masters of the great city and I trained for many years until my own elven traits and skills had bested the weapons masters and I was no longer their pupil but there equal. I had gained knowledge and had worked under the darkness of night for the merchant doing various jobs. I started to secretly study the dark arts of battle at the SI7 academy. One day I received a summons from the merchant he had received word from Theilion that I was to be cast out and left to fend for myself now. I would work and make my own way but to remember his promises. There was a closing part of his message I deciphered as a test...Leave the merchant the dagger....Remember his promises. Relinquishing the dagger was not an option but the merchant now expected it and his guards were formidable foes. Walking up the one of the guards a well disguised cheese seller I spun on my heal placing the dagger deep within her heart and spinning out catching the other one as she lurched in daggers drawn in the stomach with a mere flesh wound, but the poison I had on my blade quickly caught hold of her and she fell to the ground dead. AGH the joys of poisons..the killer of my father.... I looked at the merchant knowing that there was a better than good chance that he could kill me before I could make one charge, after all Theilion respected him that meant something, but I stated the dagger would remain with me. He laughed looking at his two dead guards and just turned his back to and walked up stairs. I saw red for just a second after all he had me trained and did not respect me enough as a warrior that he turned his back to me and laughed and walked away. A very painful lesson was learned next as to why this merchant was feared even from the royal guards in the city...I charged with all the speed in my legs only to be caught in a parry so strong I dropped my blade and was thrown into the wall in front of the merchant with a dagger at the base of my spine. A soft whisper came to my ear....I was told to cast you out not kill you, take the dagger, your master can retrieve it himself or you can take it to him in Thralls chamber for that is where he resides now.....And with that he picked up the dagger cutting his own arm with it and handed it to me....The poisons no longer work on me I suggest you start training that trick.....He then clapped his hands and there were 10 guards that stepped from the shadows and threw me out into the streets. I wandered the lands for nearly 200 years learning and mastering my skills, luring the rich into bed to either kill them or rob them. Ending the blood lines of the goodly nobles as well as the evil ones. I had then nor do I now any grief or care for one contract giver to the next. Everything is business one way or the other. I have fewer friends that I trust with my life than I have ears on my head. In the past few years I have found myself working allot with a guild of tradesman and craftsmen joined under the name of the Phoenix Ascendary. I can not say that they trust me wholly or that I trust them, but in battle they will die for what they believe. I will try to prevent them from reaching the goal of death and still reaching the goals I need.

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Criminal Record Edit

Wanted posters currently on record:

Cenariac Circle - Alurien currently wanted Dead or Alive in connection with the assassination of a young shaman orc at an orphanage under the control of the Cenarian circle. 14 others killed that night all blamed on Alurien Darkblad.

Stormwind City - Alurien is wanted to stand trial for prostitution, loansharking, murder, robbery, assault and traffiking of both drugs and people.

Ironforge - Alurien is sought for questioning in the kidnapping of the kings daughter.

Darnassus - Alurien is outcast from the elven city and if ever returns is condemned to death for the death of a human trader.

Orgimmar - Alurien is wanted for the corruption and degradation of orcish nobility. Standing command is to attack and kill her on sight. Unknown rewards to be given by Thrall himself.

Undead City - Alurien has been claimed an enemy of the Undead state for her constant assassination of teachers and trainers within the City walls.

ThunderBluff - No outstanding warrants.

Steamwheedel Cartel - Alurien is granted sanctity in thier cities and a general pardon for all crimes commited that do not include the death goblin.

Argent Dawn - No outstanding warrants.

Personal Notes Edit

Alurien is a character that I try to Roleplay as much as possible but I am a casual player that like to just enjoy the game. In character Alurien is not a monster just a creature with absolutely no feelings and has been developed for over 16 years since the day of paper Roleplay for those old enough to remember those days.

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Seeking answer about an ambush.