Alue, looking... Alue-ish.


Her full name is Alue ???? ????????. She forced herself to forget it. Though everyone knows her only as Alue, or possibly Alue Solitaire (After Solonna).


In Human years she would be twelve. Data varies on what this would be in Gnomish years. Somewhere between 20-30.

Physical TraitsEdit

Alue is of average height for her age, race, etc. Which, of course, being Gnome - makes her tiny compared to other races. She is of average build, though to look at the Gnome is general she has a scruffy and lanky feel to her.

She has large, pale eyes which match with her unusually pale skin. Her hair is shoulder length and slightly raggy - Colored a sort-of pale blue. She has a childish face, and most things about her seem fare.

As for clothing? Whatever she can get her hands on really. It is inportant to note Alue hates anything girly and tends to wear clothes that are going to be practical - Or, as said before, anything she can get her hands on. She doesn't really care for her appearance. She also has two piercings, one at the top of each ear.

Race, Gender & ClassEdit

Race;; Gnome.

Gender;; Female.

Class;; Rogue.


None. Alue has no alliance to anyone (even the Alliance itself). Anyone that is, apart from Solonna, Lare and Apoca. Saying this, she has not expressed dislike to any guild or group either.


Alue is an apprentice minor and apprentice engineer. She was never very good at either of them back at Ironforge, but seems to be finally learning with Apoca's help.

She also likes to call herself 'An Adventurer'. Mostly, what we can gather is this means she doesn't really have a goal. She journeys around with no set-aim, and handles tasks and situations as they come at her. (Well, we say 'Handles'...)


Father;; Zot ???????? (Deceased)

Mother;; Ysola ???????? (Deceased)

Brother;; Alue never has told anyone about him, nor spoke his name. His status and where-abouts is unknown.

Alue does not talk much of her biological family. With most of them being dead or having left her and their Land, she has no real need too. Though it's obvious she thinks of them sometimes.

Solonna Solitaire took her in, acting as her friend and looking after her for much of her recent years. And now, it seems the Night Elf Apocalypse Ravenstorm is much the same. She see's the pair as her true family. Then there is their new companion, Larethian a mysterious Draenei who she likes to ride on most of the time.


Alue, Solonna and Apoca atop a bridge in Stormwind.


Though Alue is still young, a lot has shaped her life all ready. She spent her early years split between the Science and mechanics that her race is famous for and the nature that she seems to love. She lived with her parents and elder brother on the outskirts of Gnomeregan. She did not really have any goals - Hers was a life that was probably just going to go to waste.

However, then Gnomeregan was attacked - Massacred, practically. In this massacre her mother and father and many of her more distant family members were killed. The few surviving Gnomes scattered, with the majority taking up the Dwarves offer of refuge in Ironforge. There, Alue and her brother began a new life. She tried to do her best engineering-wise, but to be honest she lacked the skill which led to her being shunned by a lot of the people around her. It grew worse when her brother left. He declared he did not 'like' Ironforge, or care for helping the Alliance or anyone else. That left Alue clueless with no family and nothing to do.

She preferred to wonder out onto the mountain and watch the wolves, and, soon began to pickpocket from random folk and steal what she needed or what she found entertaining or interesting. However, there was one who befriended her. A human named Solonna Solitaire who in time took Alue in and became her Guardian - Looking after the young Gnome, and trying to put her off her thieving ways. (The latter failed).

It was on a Journey back to Ironforge, which had become home for the pair that they met a sleeping Night Elf, Apocalypse Ravenstorm, who Alue decided to try and Pickpocket. In the end though it was discovered he was on a Journey himself, and Solonna and Alue led him to Ironforge and from there to Stormwind. He expressed a knowledge and interest interested in engineering and aided Alue in bettering her skills with the craft.

Since that day Alue has grown attached to him in the same way she has to Solonna, and has been traveling with the pair of them.

Family BackgroundEdit

The ???????? family never did fit into society that much, in fact chances are you will not have heard of them. For generations, they compiled of a mix of travelers and those who lived on the outskirts of Gnomeregan, keeping themselves to themselves. It is believed (wrongly) they were all killed during the siege of Gnomeregan.

Criminal RecordEdit

Alue has stolen many odds and ends, and see's no problem in going against any society's rules if she does not like them. Luckily for her she has not been caught so she has no criminal record at the moment.


Alue acts very childish, sometimes to an annoying degree. She can be loud and immature, or confused and saddened easily. She believes what she thinks is right IS what is right - But generally, this is accepted stuff. She is not a bright Gnome, though she can be creative and think quickly if need be. However, oddly enough, she is quick clumsy, rash and naive - Trusting almost anyone she has talked too for more then two minutes. These are not the best bunch of traits. Her greatest virtue is loyalty and it is what she believes in above all else.

An odd habit of the Gnome child's is to make up long and complicated-sounding words, claiming that they are high-tech, 'smart-people' words that she knows because she is a high-tech, smart-person... Don't believe her!

Current StatusEdit

23/02/07;; She can be found spending time in Goldshire which a group of new friends and exploring the forest, as she has never been there before.

21/02/07;; The Canals of Stormwind City. Alue is exploring the Capitol and looking for her friends, Apoca and Solonna. She is in her usual mood - Curious, friendly, just wanting to explore.


Chaotic Good.