Name Edit

Aera Caesara

Physical Traits Edit

A woman in her late twenties, of medium height and build. She has red-brown hair, dark eyes, and dark skin, and might have been quite beautiful once. However, her face is marred with a number of long ragged scars that run from her jaw up across her right eye.

Her demeanor is abrupt and rude to nearly everyone, and borders on outright hostile at times.

Race and ClassEdit

Human. She has been trained or has taught herself enough of fighting to be able to defend herself.

Guild Edit

None. Aera has rejected all guild invitations so far.

Occupation Edit

Swordsmith. Aera is a member in good standing of the Mithril Order, and has apparently travelled all over Azeroth looking for blacksmiths to teach her more of the craft.

She is also exceptionally good at cooking, but the origin of her skill is unknown.


Husband: Johan Caesara, deceased Son: Calen Caesara, deceased

Background Edit

Very little is publicly known about Aera. She arrived in Stormwind some time ago, wearing the armour and shield of the Scarlet Mission. She demanded to speak to their leader Habeus, and their conversation was not recorded.

Since then, Aera has lived in Stormwind in relative peace. She apparently has no friends to speak of, though she sometimes attends the prayers of the Scarlet Mission. Rumour has it that she attempted suicide by throwing herself off the bridge in the Valley of Heroes, but was rescued by a passer-by.

She contacted the guild Axe and Anvil some time ago, but has not joined them to date.

Family Background Edit

Largely unknown. The Caesara name probably originated in Lordaeron.

Criminal Record Edit

None that anyone is aware of.

Current Status Edit

Can be seen around Stormwind City, still occasionally wearing the armour of the Scarlet Mission. When dressed normally, she carries a large two-handed sword on her back.